How to Make Sure Your Furry Friend Is Comfortable

They don't know how to talk, but dogs have their own ways of telling us how they feel. A happy one has a wagging tail, floppy, smooth ears, a relaxed body, and will smother you with those sloppy, slurp kisses. A sick one may show sudden behavioral changes, such as growling and display little energy, or they may become too needy and clingy. You know your pooch better than anyone else does, but do you know if your dog is feeling uncomfortable? You might notice the tail is wagging slowly, pinned-back ears, a loss of appetite, growling, or excessive panting which are some telltale signs that a dog is uncomfortable.

It's sad to see your best friend feeling like that, yet there are things you can do to help make your doggy's life better and more comfortable.


Dogs adore activity. You could take their exercise a notch or two up by increasing the time of their daily walks. If you know of a dog park, that would be better so you can let her off the leash and run around free. If she's only used to going out once a day, you can take an extra one or two short walks. The same way you want to take off your belt and other accessories when you're home, take off her collar and let her enjoy her life without the noise of jingling tags that might irritate her.

Resting Space

An older dog already feels at home in your house, but what about a rescued one, or if you move to a new home? Any dog will feel anxious and uncomfortable when in the new territory or for other reasons. The doggy bed creators from Bobby Bed bring to light that this feeling could be helped by using a calming dog bed which reduces stress and anxiety in dogs, getting them to settle in quickly. These beds use high-density foam which better supports dog joints and muscles. Create a small space for your dog to relax on this bed where he can see what's going on without having too much foot traffic around him, so he can feel calm, safe, and comfortable. 


Dogs are most happy when they're groomed. Always keep their fur tangle-free, and keeping nails shorter makes it more comfortable for them to move around. No matter how cute she might look with bangs, don't let them interfere with her line of vision. Learn some do's and don'ts of dog grooming before you do it on your own. A tidy dog is a happy dog!


Like children, dogs do like routine and structure, though you might not guess it! Too much uncertainty isn't healthy for dogs and may cause them to feel uncomfortable or scared. Help your pooch know what the right behavior and what wrong behavior is. Use positive reinforcement instead of shouting or punishment.

Man's best friend provides a lot of body language to show you how they're feeling. When you notice he's not his usual, happy self, isn't paying you attention, rarely feels like playing or engages in destructive behavior, and not sleeping comfortably, then know he's trying to tell you something. Your dog may not be sick, but he's not well either. Being in tune with your dog and his needs is your first responsibility as a dog owner.

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