Four Issues You Can Have With Your Pet Pooch And How To Solve Them

It's always worrying when you discover a problem with your pet. The good news is that most issues with your dog are not going to be as serious as they first seem. Here are some of the problems you might notice with your pet dog and the steps that you can take to solve them as well as what's going wrong. 

Swimmer's Tail
Does your dog love taking a dip? If that's the case then they might develop an issue that is commonly known as swimmer's tail. This problem causes their tail to droop down and may stop them from wagging it completely. You will need to wait a few weeks for their tail to recover. It's usually a sign that they have over exercised their tail. The good news is that this problem isn't painful for them. However, it can be mistaken for an issue where a dog pulls their muscle in the tail. This will be painful and your dog may even whimper when they try to sit down. 

Constantly Eating
You might have also noticed that your furry friend is constantly eating and always hungry. What's going wrong here? Well, if you look at Freshpet reviews and articles, you might find a variety of different pieces of info on this problem. For instance, it's possible that this issue is tied to the animal having worms. You can prevent your animal from getting worms with a pill that you can easily get from the vet. 

A dog might also constantly eat to try and clear out their system. A tell tale sign of this issue will be if they are chewing on grass. Your friendly woofer will know that this is a great way to get themselves to vomit. 

Destructive Behavior
Or, you could find that your pet has become disruptive even over a short period. Why does this happen? Well, it might be due to the fact that your furry friend is struggling with boredom. If you are leaving your pet alone for long periods through the day then they could certainly become disruptive and end up destroying parts of your home. You might also find that disruptive behavior is due to your pet going through changes. Usually, neutering your pet will reduce issues with aggressive behavior and destruction. 

Finally, one of the most common issues that you can have with your pet is fleas. These can be a real nuisance and may cause problems throughout your home. One of the ways that you can avoid this issue is by using a collar or a flea spray. You'll be able to pick these up from the vet. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the issues that you can have with your fluffy friend and the best ways to deal with them in the long term. If you take the right steps here then you can make sure that you won't have to worry about your best friend or make any unnecessary trips to the vets. 

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