Get to Know the Best Dive Watches in 2018!

The coolest looking timepieces that anyone would love to own are dive watches. Dive watches are made with one intent – to show the accurate time under water. They withstand the depth and pressure the water creates.

Usually, dive watches also have a rotating bezel that measures the depth of the water. Most watches have a wider strap that fits around wetsuits. The International Standards Organization (ISO) offers a list of features to include in a watch to make it fit to be called as a dive watch.

To get the best dive watch, make sure you look for the following features:

  • Feature to read in complete darkness from a 25 cm distance
  • Unidirectional bezel marked every 5 minutes
  • Ability to identify that the watch is working underwater. (Some dive watches have an illuminated seconds-hand)
  • Magnetic resistance
  • Resistance to high pressure
  • Resistance to shock
  • Chemical resistance

A dive watch is more of a fashion statement that shows style. Luckily, many famous watch companies produce them on a cheaper budget. If you always thought that dive watches were expensive, the 2018’s best dive watches under $200 list would surprise you. If you are on a budget and would like to have one, this could be perfect for you!

What Should You Look For in a Dive Watch?

The first thing that anyone looks for in a dive watch is its brand. A branded Seiko or Audemars pulls in all the attention of the people around you. A brand with a history of watchmaking gets more points.

For example, Hugo Boss, a brand associated with perfumes has introduced a deep ocean watch. Most people are skeptical of buying it for its brand association. Classic watchmakers like Seiko, Casio, Rolex, Omega, have prevailed as the top choices.

A dive watch with a classic look is preferred compared to a fancy one. Easy read options and reading in low light or darkness are the main features in any dive watch. When you pick one, see that you find it easy to use without any complicated settings.

Confusing buttons may ruin the purpose of using it underwater. Looking for dive watches that suit both wetsuits, as well as, formal wear is in the trend now. A multipurpose watch is always good to have in your collection. Sticking to a budget when choosing your dive watch is ideal for the chances of overspend are more!

What Should You Avoid in a Dive Watch?

Chunky watches look good, but when they are too broad, they become uncomfortable. A handy dive watch is sought after. Dive watches without illumination or the rotating bezel should be avoided. It is best to avoid one with less water resistance.

Most of the dive watches have a water resistance up to 200m. If you are not interested in diving, it is better not to choose a dive watch for style!

Having an expensive dive watch is like owning a Ferrari. A Ferrari owner would never find his top-speed pride meaningless; it goes the same for a dive watch owner. It is a pride to own a watch that can survive a plunge to over 1000 meters underwater with a helium escape valve.

Pick one that suits your budget and style. A trendy buy in your budget is what everyone wishes for! Get underwater or remain on land boasting your new collection on your hands!

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