Window Washing Safety Checklist

Washing windows of high-rise buildings can be quite the experience. But, obviously, it also has its risks. To make such work safer, the following recommendations should be followed.

  • All workers must be competent and of legal working age.
  • All workers must be trained on how to use all the equipment available.
  • All workers must obtain certification where applicable.
  • All workers should be totally free of drugs and alcohol, and should not be fatigued.
  • Roof anchors, window cleaner belt anchors, ladders, etc., must be used at all times.
  • All equipment should be inspected regularly by a competent workers that is not pressured in any way.
  • If equipment needs repair seek professional help.
  • Fall arrest systems should be implemented.
  • Beware of extreme weather conditions and the effects on the body e.g. these workers are more susceptible to wind and cold weather.
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