Safe Lifting Techniques for the Workplace

In many work sites, or work environments, lifting is simply part of the job. When machines cannot be used for such work, therefore it must be done manually.

Safety Precautions

  • If something is heavy ask for help.
  • Communicate with your lifting partner as to when to lift, where you are going, etc.
  • Wear work gloves that prevent slippage.
  • Divide the load in half if possible.
  • Use lifts and hooks to lift.
  • Lift with your knees not your back. Bend at the knees to grab the object. Keep the back as straight as possible in its most natural position. Lift up using your knees keeping the back in the same position.
  • If possible have one foot slightly in front of the other or keep the feet slightly apart for stability.
  • Don't twist your back when you need to turn, take small steps instead. Twisting of the back makes it weaker.
  • Some experts recommend wearing a lifting belt to add extra strength to the back.
  • Keep the object as close to the body as possible.
  • If it's a long distance that an object has to be carried take a break half way.
  • Realize that there is a limit as to how much one can lift safely.

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