Ground Level Worksites Can Still Be Dangerous

Don't be fooled thinking you are safe when working at ground level. There are still plenty of risks to be aware of.

  • When machinery is in use, all workers should stand a minimum of 3 meters away from the radius of any moving parts.
  • Workers should not move in front, or behind, of any machine unless they have indicated to the driver and the driver has acknowledged their intentions.
  • Use/wear: safety glasses, hearing protection, work gloves, reflective vests, steel toed/safety boots, breathing barriers
  • Make sure the ground is even and free from any holes, or object that may come up and hit you if you step on them.
  • Make sure there are no objects with embedded nails.
  • If it has recently rained, or it is very damp, check for slippery surfaces.
  • Always be aware of potentially falling objects, and make sure things are secure.

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