Large Machine Safety Checklist for the Workplace

  • Licensing and training is a must for anyone operating a digger, tractor, loaders, etc.
  • No one, other than the trained operator, should be operating the machine.
  • No one else should be on/in the machine unless it is intended to have an extra passenger.
  • Machine must be properly maintained, including lights, warning signals, mirrors, etc.
  • Should not be operated near workers. If this is a necessary all workers must wear brightly colored safety vests, and one worker must be appointed to guide the driver.
  • Do not operate the machine in unsafe areas, e.g. severe slopes, wet/slippery ground, if it is not intended for that kind of operation.
  • Driver must wear seat belt. This will keep the driver in the vehicle in case of a rollover or another accident.
  • Never refuel while engine is running.
  • If engine work is required, e.g. adding water, let the engine cool off first.
  • In case of a lightning storm take cover in a safe area indoors. Do not continue to work.
  • Vehicles should be fitted with a rollover Protective Structure (ROP). This is a metal cage (there are different designs), which protects the driver in case of a rollover.
  • Falling Object Protective Structures (FOPS) should be fitted if there any risk of falling objects, e.g. trees or branches when tree cutting.
  • The operator's seat should be fully adjustable and well cushioned to reduce vibration. The backrest should support the lower part of the spine to reduce postural stress to the spine.
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