Ozark National Forest, Arkansas: Awe Inspiring Vistas and Rock Formations

In the Ozark National Forest in northwestern Arkansas, you'll find breathtaking vistas and awesome rock formations in the Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area, east of the town of Pelsor.

To reach these enormous eroded sandstone columns, just follow the 2-1/4-mile Pedestal Rocks Trail along a line of bluffs; the path is steep in some places, but easy to hike. I like to take a stairway down to the bottom of the bluffs to see these weathered giants from below.

Then I head back up and carefully follow the bluff line, reveling in magnificent valley views. If you have time, the 1-3/4-mile Kings Bluff Trail is also worth exploring.

Pelsor is where State Highways 7, 16 and 123 meet, about 36 miles north of Russellville on I-40 (Exit 81). The Pedestal Rocks area is 6 miles east of Pelsor on the south side of Highway 16.

For details, call the Bayou Ranger District at 1-479-284-3150.

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