Observing Safety on American Roads

An estimated 38,680 Americans died in car crashes in 2020, the highest number of deaths since 2007. Safety should always be a priority on the road. Drivers must be safe and secure when they are driving their vehicles; however, it can be challenging to observe safety on American roads, but you can take precautions to stay safe. Alcohol-impaired driving is one of the leading causes of road accident fatalities in America. This is defined as driving under the influence with a blood alcohol concentration surpassing the maximum threshold. In all states, this threshold is set at (0.08 grams per deciliter). The law is stringent on road safety and why being a cautious and sober motorist is necessary while driving.

Alcohol and Impairment
Driving-related competencies such as attentiveness are severely impacted when drunk drivers take the wheel.  Alcohol significantly impacts cognitive processing and alertness since drivers cannot accomplish particular activities such as distance perception.  Alcohol affects visual perception since drivers have impaired judgment of moving objects and processing information concurrently.

This not only puts the intoxicated motorist at risk but also endangers families and other individuals driving on the same road. If you are going to be drinking, the best option is to have someone drive you, or even better, take a cab home and drink plenty of water while you are at it. This will go a long way into protecting you and all other fellow road users.

Is Driving Under The Influence an Offence?
Driving under the influence (DUI) is also known as operating under the influence or driving while intoxicated. The determination of whether an individual is alcohol-impaired can be done by an officer through the resolution of several factors such as sitting posture and reckless driving. First-time offenders are charged with misdemeanors and the penalty may be a fine or ticket.

However, when someone is killed or severely injured, one may be charged with a felony. Individuals with multiple drunk driving charges are subject to felony convictions. Therefore, if you get arrested for drunk driving, it is imperative to hire an attorney. Individuals operating commercial vehicles can contact a commercial vehicle attorney to help navigate the strenuous litigation procedures.

Safe Driving
The surest way to navigate roads safely is to drive when sober. You can never be sure about safety on the road. However, as a motorist, you can optimize this by practicing road safety. The first step involves wearing a safety belt at all times since it mitigates the impact when an accident occurs. Maintaining the designated lanes on the roads, such as overtaking and waiting for lanes for oncoming traffic, guarantees safety.

Drivers need to be vigilant on the road for the regular signs to ensure that they do not miss a turn or a speed limit. Consequently, it is imperative to ensure that you never receive phone calls while driving since it is one of the leading causes of accidents. It is also vital to avoid driving in adverse weather conditions and at night since most accidents occur during these conditions.

Drunk driving is considered reckless and the cause of many fatalities. It is considered a criminal offense in severe cases, and one may require an attorney. It is, however, imperative that one maintains road safety through sober and vigilant driving.

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