Money-Saving Tips When Visiting Chicago

Maximizing your Budget-friendly Chicago Trip

Chicago is known as a passionate sports city. After all, this has been the home of two baseball teams and the renowned NBA's Chicago Bulls. But it certainly has a lot more to offer. The city's skyline boasts of tall and gleaming skyscrapers. Some of which are one of the tallest edifices in the country. But the cost of your trip in the city does not have to be as high as the Sears Tower, which is now called the Willis Tower. The secret in saving money in your Chicago visit is to act like the locals do as they know how to have the best of the city without spending a lot. Of course you have to do some careful planning yourself.

“Acting like a local will help you save your money and still have the best of the city.”

It is quite easy to have a budget-friendly trip in Chicago if you know where to go, which restaurants you should (and should not) dine and where you should stay. You will find useful tips below that will get you in the know.

  • You can bring your own wine and/or beer to restaurants in Chicago with no corkage fee as the state laws allow it. This will surely save you some money as wine can be expensive at the bistros.
  • If you want to splurge to fine dining, the meals made by skillful chefs who won James Beard awards might cost you around $80-150 per head. You can save some if you will sit at the bar as a la carte dishes are served there at just $10-20.
  • Since Chicago is surrounded by water, architectural cruising is one of the famous activities but this can be quite pricey. Rather, you can opt for water taxis which run from Michigan down to Chinatown where cheap souvenirs and eats can be bought.
  • Free attractions in the city include museums, art galleries, Lincoln Park Zoo where kids will certainly enjoy. Some of the big museums also announce a free day once in a while so you better check it out.
  • Tourists often snag a deal at the cheap Chicago hotels in Michigan Avenue. Another option for hotel saving is to go a further out of it if you can’t find anything in there. Just keep in mind that your hotel must be nearby an el line. If you want to easily roam around the town, it must be 7 stops at the most from the Loop.
  • You can cheaply get around the city by bus or el, Chicago’s elevated train. The el may not be that cheap but you can have a view of the town from above. Depending on your location, some of the attractions can be accessed by foot.
  • You can definitely get discounts on restaurants and passes on some of the city’s entertainment centers by buying coupons but be sure to check the actual rates before buying.
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