4 of the Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions Hidden Away in Snellville, Georgia That People Hardly Talk About

When you think of going for a quick vacation, say in the United States, which places come to your mind first?

For a glitzy vibe, you would choose Las Vegas. It has all the glamor in the world to offer its tourists. Miami would be ideal if you want to enjoy yourself by the beach. Orlando has Disney World and Universal Studios, which would be perfect if you are traveling with kids. And then there is always New York, a city that many see as the place where most people have the ideal urban lifestyle figured out.

However, one can easily assume that almost none of you would say, “A trip to Snellville, Georgia, would be the ideal way to spend my vacation.” However, what if it were the perfect vacation? Could Snellville, Ga really surprise you? 

Here are 4 places to visit in Snellville that people hardly talk about.

#1 Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest

The Chattahoochee forest is a 20-minute ride from Snellville and is over a hundred thousand acres. It has uninterrupted hikes that stretch for miles. The place is perfect for both sightseeing, as well as hiking. So feel free to check out the trail if you enjoy adventures. In case walking seems a bit too difficult, you can also use a dirt or quad bike to make it through the trail.

Be sure to use a weather app to keep track of the forecasts before you go trekking. Go during a sunny morning when the skies are mostly clear. Also, keep a check on the temperature in Snellville tomorrow as well as the rest of the week if you intend to stay long. Apart from the weather forecast, you can also learn about other environmental factors like air quality, humidity, wind speed, etc. which will help you with your trip to the Chattahoochee forest. 

#2 Tribble Mill Park

Another 20-minute drive away from Snellville, Tribble Mill Park is one of the largest parks in the area. It has two beautiful lakes and is serene in every way you can imagine. The park is very popular with people looking to work out or just have a peaceful experience and a change in scenery.

Once you walk into the park, you might even feel a bit eerie. The park is quiet, especially during the morning. Every once in a while, you might come across a jogger running past you. Other than that, it is complete silence. The quiet and spooky vibe, however, is what makes this park so popular among some of the locals. 

Again, avoid going there in poor weather conditions, especially when there is heavy rainfall. Once again, consult with your weather app before setting out for Tribble Mill.

#3 Stone Mountain Park

You will instantly fall in love with Stone Mountain Park if you are a fan of art and Mother Nature. The park seems as if it were the meeting point of these two entirely different elements. This single stretch of mountain is one of the highest points in the Atlanta region. It too has a few hiking trails, all well-marked and perfect for a quick trekking experience.

The view of the mountain is best viewed from a distance as you will see where the artistry comes into play here. Besides, you would enjoy trekking too, given how easy it is to follow the trail here.

#4 Southeastern Railway Museum

In case you are a train enthusiast, you will surely fall in love with the Southeastern Railway Museum. It has over 90 pieces of rail equipment that will mesmerize you. The museum is also home to President Warren G Harding's personal carriage.

While visiting the museum, you will get to realize how the trains in the early days of American civilization were. You will also get to understand how those trains operated, and the effort it took to make them move. The museum stands tall as a witness of time itself, as it presents some of the finest marvels in history.

So there you have it, Snellville, and the finest attractions it has to offer. In case these do not sound that great to you, it is because nobody talks about them like they would about the Statue of Liberty. However, once you visit and see these for yourself, you will realize just how amazing these locations are.

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