Six Traveling Medical Jobs For The Travel-Hungry Healthcare Professional

If you're a globetrotter on the prowl for a travel-friendly career, don't rule out a healthcare career quite yet. While opportunities in the healthcare sector are often associated with 48-hour shifts and a perpetual “on-call” state of mind, consider taking a second look at the travel nursing opportunities hidden in plain sight. 

With traveling medical jobs within reach (and a short flight away), you won't have to forfeit your passion for medicine. Despite popular misconceptions worldwide, it's possible to have it all. You, too, can feed your appetite for global travel while exploring a fulfilling career in the medical profession. 

Ready to get started? Check out the healthcare professionals below and lean into the wonders of wanderlust.

Travel nurse

A travel nurse is a nurse who is assigned to work in one location for about three to six months before moving to another area. 

These travel nurses often choose where they'd like to relocate, allowing for greater job satisfaction. Since most nurses prefer to work in one stable location, there is high demand for travel nurses. Additionally, travel nurses make more money than the usual nurses to compensate healthcare hopefuls for the inconveniences of traveling jobs, such as homesickness, flight time, and a lacking sense of “home.” 

For those ready to ride the highs and lows of travel nursing jobs, utilize tools such as Fusion Marketplace and discover some of the available opportunities to apply for a travel nurse post. In no time, you'll be enjoying the benefits of newfound professional flexibility and career advancement opportunities. 

Military health career

As the name suggests, military healthcare professionals serve victims in the armed forces. 

As a military healthcare provider, you pursue your career, serve the country, and travel to the hidden corners of the world. If you have prior education or experience with the military, you can even receive additional training. 

Travel therapist

A travel therapist is a therapist who travels with patients who require counseling services—even when embarking on adventures abroad. For those looking for an emotionally gratifying career that also satiates your wanderlust, this career opportunity might be the right choice for you. 

Depending on your preferences, you could be an occupational therapist, physical therapist, etc. Note that there are many traveling benefits in addition to your regular salary.

Healthcare writer

As a healthcare writer, you have a chance to travel with a completely flexible schedule. Like other work from home jobs, you can write from any location. This way, you can take trips unrelated to the medical field as long as you have a place to write. 

In addition, you share your experience and knowledge in healthcare which is helpful to patients and other people interested in the medical career.

Non-government organization

Most non-government organizations travel around the world and provide relief to the underprivileged. In addition, these organizations hire healthcare providers since they often come across many people in need of healthcare

Working for such an organization is an excellent opportunity to venturing out into the great unknown while serving the greater good. 

Home healthcare

Home healthcare companies hire healthcare professionals to check on their patients when the need arises. 

You may need to check on a patient for several days a week and then relocate to a different patient. Although you lack enough time to nurture an unbreakable bond with your patient, you satisfy your hunger for travel since you are always on the move.

Before you go

If your primary interests are traveling and healthcare, know that merging the two lies within the realm of possibility. By fusing your passions, you can dip into the benefits of both, all while dismantling your comfort zone. So, reject your either-or thinking and realize that a fruitful career in the healthcare sector doesn't mean sacrificing your love for medicine.

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