3 Amazing Things to Do in Japan on Your Next Trip

Have you always wanted to visit the Orient? Are you tired of doing the same old tired vacation to Disneyworld or the closest beach stateside? If so, then we've got the perfect place for you to head to on your next vacation: Japan.

The simple truth is Japan has something for every vacationer. You can experience gorgeous wilderness areas. You can see the world's most advanced technological marvels. You can taste exotic cuisine and experience a culture wildly different from your own.

In short, if you've never been, then this list of things to do in Japan will certainly entice you to commit to making a trip out to this part of the Orient.

Visit Universal Studios Japan
Woah! Hold up? Why would I want to fly halfway across the world just to visit Universal Studios when there's one right in my backyard stateside?

Well, here's why: Universal Studios Japan is nothing like the one that you may have already visited in the United States! This theme park has several different rides based on various Universal productions. But what's unique is that there is a very distinct Japanese spin on all of the rides as well as on the format of the theme park.

There's no denying that Japan is one of the most technologically advanced economies in the world, and that will certainly manifest itself as you peruse through this theme park's offerings.

Live in a Ryokan
If you're taking a trip to Japan, then you absolutely cannot miss out on the ryokan experience. A ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn. As you'll soon find out if you choose to stay in one, the ryokan experience is nothing like that which you would be accustomed to in one of the multinational hospitality chains.

First off, the rooms you'll be staying in will be in keeping with the clean, minimal look of Japanese design. But the real kicker is the food — you'll be served large, multi-course meals that incorporate dishes from every corner of the country.

Watch Sumo Wrestling
There's no doubt that you've been exposed to this sport in some form or another, but chances are that you've never actually sat down to watch a sumo wrestling match. But now you can in person!

Sumo wrestlers train for years and years to get to the pinnacle of their sport. Not only is the sport extremely physically taxing and requires massive amounts of strength, but the prodigious diets that sumo wrestlers have to adhere to introduce an additional layer of marvel to the sport.

Tournaments happen a few times a year, so be sure to book a ticket far in advance!

Things to Do in Japan
There you have it — now that you know three amazing things to do in Japan, all that's left is for you to book your tickets to this great country! We promise you, there's no way that you'll regret making this your next vacation destination!

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