15 Surprisingly Simple Travel Hacks for Better Traveling

Travelling is an extremely attractive way to spend your vacation. While visiting new places, we meet interesting people, accumulate great memories, and feel new emotions.

But travelling isn't that easy. You may get into trouble or overpay at any stage of your trip — from simply planning the trip, to having to take a cab abroad.

  1. ATMs are better than currency exchange
    Of course, you may use your card to pay for a wide range of services. But sometimes, you need cash. We recommend you to get local currency from the ATM, and avoid extra fees!
  2. Use incognito while looking for flights
    The websites where you can buy tickets track your activities on the internet. They may offer you more expensive flights only because you've already looked for a similar service. Use private browsing to avoid this scam!
  3. Morning flights are the best
    Morning flights have two advantages:

    • they're cheaper because of lower demand;
    • if you fly in the morning, you're not likely to hit turbulence.
  4. Use city passes
    If you stay in one city for a couple of days or weeks, buy a city pass. This magic piece of paper or plastic will help you save money and time. City passes usually include public transportation access, museum tickets, and entrance to popular tourist places.
  5. Learn a few foreign words
    Even if you're not good at learning foreign languages, you still may learn a few phrases like “thank you” or “please.” When you say them to the locals, they'll treat you better because you show respect to their culture.
  6. Bring dark clothes with you
    First, pieces of dark clothing are easy to combine with each other. Second, no one will see any stains on your dark jeans!
  7. Use Couchsurfing to find a guide
    Couchsurfing is a platform to find free shelter abroad. But if you stay in hotels, you still can take advantage of it. Couchsurfing users are usually friendly and open-minded people. Most of them will gladly become your guide and help you to make the best of the city.
  8. Scan your documents
    Losing your documents is a pain. Losing your documents abroad is an even worse pain. You'll be able to deal with all the bureaucracy quicker if you have a scan of your ID and other documents.
  9. Put a fragile tag on your bag
    This tag might make airport employees treat your baggage more carefully. Also, it'll go on the top of the pile so you won't have to wait for a long time to get it.
  10. Use a dummy wallet to trick thieves
    This hack is really helpful for tourists who are going to visit countries with a high crime rate. Buy a cheap mens wallet and put it in your pocket while walking around a city abroad. Keep your real wallet in a less noticeable place.
  11. Bring two pairs of shoes
    If your only pair of shoes let you down while you're on a vacation — that sucks. You'll have to buy a new pair, and it might cost a lot. Take at least two pairs to keep your feet safe. Besides, new shoes are rarely comfortable.
  12. Watch some travelling shows about your destination
    Travelling shows may reveal numerous facts and hacks that you'll be happy to know before your journey. You may also take into consideration travel bloggers.
  13. Find locals on Facebook
    Facebook is an amazing tool for travellers. Find some locals and ask them questions about the places you should visit. Many people will gladly help you to discover the best places in their native town!
  14. Check unusual local laws
    If you don't know the rules, it doesn't mean that you can ignore them. Some countries have a range of weird or unusual laws, so you'd better read about them before visiting.
  15. Sleep well
    You have to remember that you need healthy sleep even if you want to see as many museums as possible. Without rest, you won't be able to enjoy new places!

With these hacks, your trips will become more comfortable and affordable. Still, you need free time to visit your dream destinations. If you're overloaded with college assignments, apply to this cheap custom writing service. You'll have more time to enjoy your vacation abroad, while these guys help you keep your grades high!

Nicky Quinton is a professional writer and blogger. With more than 7 years of experience, she has collaborated on different educational projects. Nicky is writing a book that is going to see the light of day by the end of 2019.

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