No internet in remote destinations? Tips on setting up your phone for a trip away

Travel is one of the real pleasures in life and something most of us love to do. Whether you go on a journey around the US, a trip to somewhere in Europe, or further afield to Africa or Asia, traveling can help broaden the mind. It is also very useful for taking you away from your everyday life and getting a new perspective on things.

Of course, traveling usually involves having some free time to kill while away. You may, for example, have spare time in your hotel room to fill or some downtime when traveling around. Many people will use their smartphone to do this, as it is portable and packed full of fun things to enjoy.

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But what if you are going somewhere remote with little or no internet connection? That could mean you need to set your phone up before leaving to get the most from it without having the internet to rely on. If you need a helping hand, the below shows some great tips for doing just that.

Find apps that do not require an internet connection
One great tip on setting your phone up is finding apps that do not need an internet connection to work. While many mobile apps will run via online digital connections, there will be some that do not. Many will need downloading from the internet initially, so you should make a point of doing that before you leave.

By setting them up for your trip away in advance, you then have them ready when you arrive at your destination. For some, you may also need to download the content you want to view offline in advance. There are some great apps that work without an internet connection, so make sure to find a few for your next trip.

Think about turning airplane mode on
Although you might be pretty sure that you will have little to no internet connection where you are heading, turning airplane mode on before you leave is worthwhile. It disables your internet and Wi-Fi connections until you turn it off. But why is this a good tip to set your phone up with before departing?

Firstly, if you are flying, it will ensure that your device is ready to travel safely. Secondly, it will avoid your smartphone picking up expensive Wi-Fi or local internet networks as you travel. Even in your destination, you may pick up an intermittent Wi-Fi connection that might be expensive to use – even if you do not know or plan to do so.

Get your photo library in order
When it comes to setting up your phone for a trip with no internet, why not take time to sort your photo library out as well? Being able to see and feel a connection to home is something most of us enjoy while away. That is especially true if you do not have the internet to make video calls or catch up via online apps or platforms.

Looking through photos on your phone of family and friends is a great offline way to feel better instead. It is worth going through your gallery before leaving and ensuring you have recent photos of everyone you hold dear. If your library is full of old photos or ones you do not need, think about having a good tidy up of pictures as well.

Enable low power mode
You may not know this, but your phone battery will drain quicker when in an area with no internet connection. That is because it has to be continually working hard to hunt out a network to latch onto – even though you know there is none! It can leave you without valuable battery life and see your phone quickly run out of juice. To avoid this, set your phone up on low power mode (for Apple devices) or battery saver mode (for Android) before leaving.

No internet while away? No problem!
We are all so used to having reliable internet connections on our smartphones that we start to panic when it is not there. If you are traveling to somewhere like Duba Plain Camps in Botswana, this is certainly something to think about. The good news for destinations like these is that having no internet is no problem. If you take on-board the above tips for setting your phone up before you go, it will all be okay.

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