Awesome Things to Do When Travelling in Africa

Africa is a beautiful continent and it is the second largest and most popular. It is a place rich in minerals among other valuable resources. Most people go for their vacations in this continent for its popularity and hospitality.

A country like South Africa is one of the places on the continent that has a lot to see and learn. Talk of gold mining, museums, and other natural attraction sites. If you wish to travel to SA by air, can guide you on that.

There is so much to do in Africa and this article discusses some of the things.

Visit Animal Parks

There are different types of wildlife to see in Africa. It also has several national parks where wild animals are kept and a history of each is indicated. It has the ‘big five’ animals – Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Buffalo, and Leopard. If you visit a country like South Africa, you will get to see these animals at Kruger National Park – one of the famous national parks in Africa. Seasonal Wild beast Migration across river Mara is also an interesting experience. This happens around August especially in Kenya (one of the countries in the Eastern part of Africa).

Enjoy Different Cultures

Africa is highly populated with diverse cultures. Its culture is expressed in its art and crafts, religion, clothing, music, language, and foods. It is known to have the most hospitable people who are willing to teach their culture and learn new things. They influence and get influenced by other continents. Africans uphold morals and respect the cultures that they love most. The respect they have for the old and cultural leaders speaks volume of their love of their culture.

Visit Prehistoric Sites

Africa has sites where the remains of the early man were discovered. These remains help to explain how man came about. You can visit these sites in East African countries like Ethiopia and Tanzania. You will get to see and touch the fossils that tell more about the origin of man. From these sites, you also get to learn the history of Africa and its historical sites.

Enjoy the beautiful Scenery

Visiting Africa will give you an opportunity to view the beautiful scenery. There is the Great Rift Valley in Kenya and also that has many lakes, the crater, and hills to view. You also get to enjoy hiking the Snow Capped Mountains in Africa like Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya among others.

Enjoy the Climate

Africa lies along the equator which makes its weather favorable for you throughout the year. The climate is warm for swimming, fishing and sunbathing. You can bring along your family to Africa especially the kids for the weather is bearable so it is possible to carry out your outdoor activities without hindrance.

There is so much to experience and learn in Africa. Agricultural activities such as farming and livestock keeping are what build the economy of most countries in Africa. If you visit, you are assured of plenty of different types of food grown in a unique climate. These foods bring out an original flavor. You can also enjoy sports fishing in major natural African lakes and rivers and get to taste the delicious fish from these sources.

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