Which CMS is Most Suitable for Your Company?

A CMS (Content Management System) is a computer application or a set of similar programmes that can be used to create and/or manage digital content, by editing, deleting and adding content that is to be published on a website. It is important that companies do research into which CMS is most suitable for them as there is not something that a ‘one size fits all’ approach works with.

WordPress is the most popular CMS system out there and  provides thousands of different themes to choose from for your company site, as well as a wide range of useful plugins that can be used to enhance site functionality. It is also free to download initially, and you can take advantage of the huge community of WordPress developers and learn from them.

This CMS system is extremely versatile, and it is clear to see why it is employed by a wide range of business from hotels and shopping brands to game developers and affiliate operators.

WordPress also has the reputation of covering unique business requirements, so for example, there are several gambling and casino WordPress themes which are ideal for developers and users alike. In fact, it can be argued that any brand can find the perfect theme from a list that includes PokerClub, Top Casino, Gambling Theme, Power Jackpot and Online Casino. Testimony to the reliability and adaptability of this CMS system is that top brands like PartyCasino and SoftGamings all utilise WordPress.

Drupal is another very well-known CMS in the market which should be considered. It has been used by a lot of high-profile companies, such as Sony Music, Popular Science and the New York Observer. Drupal has a lot of features that help to build both internal and external websites and many tools to help with the organization of content.

There is also a very active Drupal community and many face to face events are organized. This gives you the perfect opportunity to find out more about this CMS and who uses it, before taking the plunge. It is not best suited to small, simple websites, as using Drupal for these would probably be overkill. This is because there are not many good quality, free themes to choose from and a wide range of features that need to be paid for.

Joomla is simpler to use than Drupal but is also highly regarded as a CMS. It is also a popular choice with many recognizable companies, such as MTV, IHOP and the prestigious Harvard University, who use Joomla for their websites. Large organizations such as Citibank also use Joomla for their backend network.

Joomla does not have as many high-quality themes to choose from as WordPress does and also isn’t as user friendly. On the other hand, it does have an active community with more than 200,000 users and contributors, together with an active development commission. If you need a lot of tutorials and info on the CMS you choose it might be worth considering Joomla, as there is a lot to take advantage of, as well as many add-ons and plugins.

Therefore, deciding on which CMS to use as a company is important and not a decision that should be rushed into. Ultimately, the decision taken here, can really affect the quality of your website. So, it is highly recommended that you spend the time conducting the necessary research as well as speaking to others, to ascertain which CMS is right for your company.

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