What Technologies Will Change Classroom Learning and Business Behaviours?

Technology approaches revolutionize lessons and courses these days. We are now closer to times when one can access streams of learning materials from any part of the globe. Interestingly, the advent of such technologies has been accepted across regions, countries, and continents, making it available to anyone who cares to grab a slice. More innovations are upcoming, and as we know, we may be in for more surprises.

It's likewise manifest how much has changed in a few short years compared to decades of digital marketing existence. On this, the Statista reports that as of April 2019, in just North America, a remarkable 89% of the population stayed active on the internet. In like manner, according to a January 2018 data reveal, 24% of the 5,700 global marketers were surveyed, and the outcome showed that social media had been a significant factor in their marketing for the past five years.

What does the evolving picture of tech education mean? To help you get the hang of where the trajectory is heading over, starting from the education side, let's look into what has changed and what is changing in the wake of technological advancements.

How Is Technology Impacting Learning

Below find some valuable ideas on how tech has influenced the educational sphere these days.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality seems to be a trendy word we've all heard before. In plain terms, VR is a computer-generated simulation or a replacement of an environment. For example, when you put your headset on, it blocks your view of the world and replaces a digital world designed to trick the senses. From the point of view of the brains of students, Virtual reality creates an illusion as if they were experiencing things that they see.


3-D processing is now transforming the way we create items. From toys to clothing, and also body pieces. 3-D printing is part of a technique known as additive manufacturing, where a structure is formed by applying layer by layer of materials.

Additive manufacturing allows manufacturers to produce complicated components for computers, airplanes, and vehicles at a fraction of the expense and time of conventional processes such as welding, molding, and sculpting. Elementary school students are now utilizing this method of learning to develop prosthetic hands.

Cloud Technology

Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of IT resources via the Internet with pay as you go pricing. Instead of buying, owning, and maintaining physical data centers and servers, you can access technology services such as computing power, storage, and databases, on an as-needed basis from a cloud provider.

Similarly, schools are replacing physical libraries with on- cloud libraries. They employ the services of so-called cloud providers to build many of these virtual learning circuses where their pupils can freely source educational books and essay writing tools.


Biometrics authentication is perhaps the most innovative development in identity and access management. But how does it work, and should learning institutions consider deploying it?

The benefits of modern biometric authentication over the conventional text-based approach is immediately apparent. When applied to schools, it creates a more straightforward method of access to school children. Unlike when forgetting passwords used to be a big deal, these days, a simple thumbprint is all that is needed to gain entry into the e-learning environment.

How Is Technology Impacting Businesses?

Not only studying processed have been transformed lately. Technology innovations have considerably influenced the movement and development of business and business education.


Chatbots are rising through the ranks of the most efficient methods of stimulating how people converse with robots without spotting a difference. So, you're looking at ways of managing customer service, friendly comprehensive computer to human interactions, quick response, and the likes.  A 2017 report released by Grand View Research states that the international chatbot market experienced a yearly growth rate of 24.3% and is estimated to hit $1.25 billion by 2025.

Speaking of social media platforms like Facebook and Linkedin, using chatbots to hold conversations is now a popular digital marketing trend. Overall, the cost of using chatbots is cheaper than hiring human resources for the same job. Currently, chatbot applications go beyond just chitchatting to exploring more popular niches as accessibility, self-service, and research.

Email Marketing Automation

Since customers like getting notified on upgrades, global events, and so on, sending emails to them would be a great way of marketing, and even better if they come personally addressed to clients.

In 2017, about 90% of America's population believed that personalized marketing content kindled a sense appeal, whereas just 4% said otherwise.  Forbes' article by Shop Hykon suggested that around 44% of consumers admitted to having more liking to those companies who addressed them personally a second time. Meanwhile, another group of researchers has said that for email marketing to have more customer effect,  it should be catchy — apparently, personalization is not all it takes.

Omnichannel Marketing

And lastly, omnichannel marketing. As its name implies omni[universal], it's marketing on every available channel. In no book is it written that digital marketing should be restricted to just one channel, especially with more sophisticated consumers springing up every day. Instead, businesses are encouraged to spread their wings through omnichannel marketing.

Most business owners take advantage of social media like Facebook ads, live chats, offline events, SMS to advertise — digital marketing strategies that have incredible birth results.

What's more,  tech education and its implementation are here to stay.  It's left for enthusiastic learning institutions and entrepreneurs to hop on the bandwagon of change. It's likely, the earlier they did, the better for them.

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