What is a VPN and why do you need one in 2019

A VPN is a service built to provide security to internet connections. They were created for the first time for ensuring the intranets of big enterprises so that no confidential info would fall in the wrong hands. Today, VPN or Virtual Private Networks are used for many other reasons.

The main reason people use a VPN keeps being security, for example; some journalists use them for encrypting their VPNs in dangerous countries, so they can protect themselves from radical groups that would pursuit them once they find them.

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Why are the VPNs used today for?

Today, VPN is more than just a cool tool for protection, today, they are essential if you want full access to the internet without any country restriction. VPNs are secure for many reasons, but the main function they have to offer is the IP address cloaking, with this particular function, they can change your IP address by connecting your PC to different servers out of your home country, evading this way all the Geo-blocking that some governments apply on their citizens, for they are not able to access some content.

Also, a VPN can be used (those that offer a fixed IP) to receive payments or make purchases with an extra security layer; so, if some hacker is waiting to intercept your credit card data, they are automatically blocked or can’t access for the data encryption. If you play games online, and you need to protect your financial data and your scores, you may need a good VPN for it.

A VPN also allows you to access streaming services like https://www.netflix.com/ that have some content only to be watched in the USA or only for Europe. With a VPN, you can watch all the content that you want for those regions wherever you are. 

What do you need to know before getting a VPN service?

First, you need to know that not all VPN is perfect, several providers carry many vulnerabilities that may be an advantage for hackers or malicious codes for infecting your pc or steal your data. So, if you are looking for a good VPN, you need to consider its reputation first.

Fortunately, many blogs and forums are dedicated to examining VPN services and writing reviews over them. So, if you have any doubts about some VPN, you can easily investigate them on any of those websites.

Other features you need to figure out when you are looking for VPN services are their costs, plans, and fees; some VPNs are very expensive and you may need something cheaper, at least you have company.

The final feature you need to think about is your own needs. If you are looking for VPNs for a particular reason, you can find many specialized options you may use. Also, you can try with one VPN that offers you a complete service for all the needs you could have in the future.

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