What devices will improve your gaming experience in shooters


The theme of online shooters continues to gain momentum in popularity and there are several reasons for this.

Firstly, they will be very popularized by eSports tournaments with thousands of audiences.

Secondly, it is always dynamics and action, and sometimes the actions of one player can block the failure of the whole team, as well as the constant added activities.

Thirdly, streams that will popularize projects. If a charismatic streamer shows how he does destiny 2 boosting on twitch, they will watch him and then try to play.

What devices will help improve the gaming experience in shooters

  • Smart DPI gaming mouse
  • Headset with support for 7.1 sound
  • Good game monitor

Smart DPI gaming mouse

What is DPI – this is the sensitivity of the mouse and the speed of the cursor. The higher the DPI, the more difficult it is to aim the cursor and aim at the target due to the enormous speed and sharpness of movement.

On modern mice there is a button that raises and lowers the DPI depending on the settings and, if necessary, it can be used for different tasks.

What is smart DPI – software is installed in the mouse that regulates the DPI speed and adjusts it to the movement of the hand.

How useful it is – for competent and correct shooting, the sensitivity of the mouse should be minimal – this allows you to use verified movements, aim at small objects in games without the risk of missing.

The higher the sensitivity, the more sharply the cursor moves and it becomes more difficult to hit the enemy, and if he moves, it is completely impossible.

A nice bonus in such a device will be additional buttons – they can be programmed to any keys and


Headset with support for 7.1 sound

Good sound is the key to a successful and enjoyable game – it helps to better feel the game atmosphere and perfectly hear the approach of the enemy and the place of combat in competitive games.

There are two types of 7.1 sound:

  • Virtual
  • Real

Virtual 7.1 sound – generated by software. 7 sound sources are generated around the player at different distances to enhance the sound effect and saturate the atmosphere with bright sound.

The advantage of virtual 7.1 sound is a relatively low price and a significant increase in the sound atmosphere relative to stereo sound. In competitive games, the audibility of footsteps and the range of shooting become very distinct, up to an exact understanding of where and from what position the fire is fired.

Minus virtual 7.1 – technically sometimes it is clearly audible that the sound is created programmatically, and not due to components, but given the cost of headsets with real 7.1, you should first buy virtual 7.1 and eventually upgrade to real 7.1

Real 7.1 sound is created by components that are installed directly into the headset. The software helps to adjust the equalizers, but does not generate sound – the internal hardware is responsible for this.

Plus real 7.1 in sound quality. The sound is transmitted clearly, correctly and volumetrically due to the internal equipment. The player clearly hears the game scene, steps when moving the enemy and shooting – its distance, type of weapon and location of the battle.

Minus the real 7.1 in cost – such headsets are produced by top brands – Sony, Sennheiser, Marshal and others. Such a headset will cost 3-4 times more than a virtual one, but it makes no sense to overpay if your budget cannot afford such a headset. Better buy virtual 7.1, and eventually upgrade to real 7.1 sound.

Good game monitor

A good gaming monitor is a guaranteed fun shooter experience. One has only to sit down at a monitor with a bright picture and a good hertz indicator, and then you won’t want to get up because of it.

How to choose a good gaming monitor

  • Matrix
  • Hertz
  • Response


Modern monitors are equipped with three types of matrices:

  • TN
  • IPS
  • OLED

TN matrices are practically not used anymore, but sometimes it is found in old and budget monitors. This is an outdated matrix, with poor color reproduction and is categorically not suitable for games, especially modern and colorful ones.

IPS matrices are the most common and effective in terms of price-quality. Good color reproduction, there is a slight color distortion when looking at the monitor indirectly, but for gaming purposes this is negligible.

OLED is an expensive, but the most saturated matrix in terms of color. It has several times more than % of dots per pixel, due to which the picture is juicy, but if the budget does not allow such a monitor, take an IPS,

Hertz – at least 120, ideally 165. There is no point in striving for 240 due to the limitations of the human eye

The response is perfect, a millisecond.

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