Ways to Prepare Yourself for an Increasingly Automated Future

The future of artificial intelligence is filled with potential and promise but one of the biggest concerns for people is how drastically the landscape of most industries will change due to the increasing influence of this technology. As we progress at such a rapid pace toward this new future, many of the concerns that have been held for decades are swiftly coming to fruition, leading to the need to innovate at an increasingly faster pace.

While we cannot yet foretell exactly what this future will look like, we can use the knowledge that we have now in order to best prepare for the future of artificial intelligence throughout all the aspects of our lives. 

One of the most rapidly increasing facets of artificial intelligence is the advent and application of automation, especially in various different industries around the world. While automation makes the workplace more efficient, cost-effective, and safer overall, the financial risk it poses for workers in these fields brings about a lot of apprehension and concern. 

As we continue to progress toward this very real future, there remains a lot to be seen for how it will ultimately affect the workforce overall. 

Despite the worries and concerns, there are a number of things you can do to make sure you stay ahead of this influx of automation and ensure that you are not adversely affected by the influence of artificial intelligence.

While the application of these technologies might not be fully realized yet, we can take this time to prepare for the potential and take action to ensure we stay relevant and necessary to the workplace. Small steps now can go a long way toward not only preserving your peace of mind but perhaps also your job in the future.

Stay Informed

As automation becomes an increasingly large part of a vast majority of the major industries of the world, one of the best things you can do to prepare for this increasingly automated future is to stay informed. Knowledge is power and never before has this statement been more true. Whether you are already experiencing the effects of automation in your life or if you simply wish to remain abreast of this rapidly developing technology and its practical applications, staying informed is key to staying ahead. 

A great place to start is with Cool Things Chicago's list of the best AI books, a comprehensive list of some of the best pieces of literature about artificial intelligence and how it will fit into our lives in the future. 

There are also a number of resources available online for more specific information about how artificial intelligence and automation will directly impact each industry that it is becoming a part of. One great example is Healthcare Weekly's article about the role of artificial intelligence in healthcare and how this cutting edge technology influences this billion-dollar industry every day. 

Involve your Children

While we might not personally experience the full scope of how automation will influence our own lives, this increasingly automated future will surely affect the lives of our children. As jobs are becoming outsourced to machines, we find ourselves in a world where the education system is failing to keep pace with the reality of what this future workplace will look like. One of the best ways to prepare for this future is to involve your children from an early age to ensure they have the necessary skills to work within these artificially intelligent workplaces. 

Whether you introduce the computer sciences and information technology to your children at a young age or simply encourage them to dive into more creative pursuits, keeping an eye to the future will be a benefit in many ways. As we hurtle toward this new future, preparing our children to fit into this new landscape is one of the best ways to ensure that we are not negatively impacted as a society by this automated workplace. Start early with an eye to the future and you will find that the fear of this swiftly advancing technology can be easily mitigated through action and preparedness. 

Increase your Skill Set

One of the best ways to prepare for an automated future is to continually work toward increasing your knowledge and skills in areas that cannot be easily automated or taken over by artificial intelligence. While many repetitive and mindless tasks can be and often already are being done by machines, there remains a number of roles that would be impossible to fill with machines and artificial intelligence. Though artificial intelligence is swiftly gaining ground in the ability to perform logical thought and creative expression, these things are uniquely human and are areas in which the human touch is still very necessary. 

Caretaking roles, management roles, and sales roles are all perfectly suited to the unique personalities and charisma inherent in human interactions. Studying social skills will ensure that you remain a valued employee with a distinctly important quality that could never be replicated by a machine. Creativity and expression are also traits that will ensure you stay one step ahead of this increased presence of automation because these things are so uniquely human and so necessary to continue innovating in the future. 

Regardless of how you feel about the role of artificial intelligence in the workplace, the fact of the matter is that this technology is only going to grow in the future. There are an innumerable amount of ways in which automation will affect you but with some preparedness and knowledge, you will be able to easily navigate this rapidly changing new frontier. 

The possibilities are endlessly exciting and being prepared will help ease the fear so that you too can embrace the excitement over the vast potential the future of artificial intelligence promises. We are on the cusp of a new future that is filled with innovation, exploration, and invention and by preparing today, you will be able to navigate this future with ease and excitement for the possibilities it promises.

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