Unlock Value & Discover New Markets with Marketing Automation Platforms

Marketing automation platforms are forever evolving to meet the needs of competitive business. From forming better customer relationships with the help of intelligent metrics to sales pipeline workflow visualization tools that give management the edge – there are massive benefits to implementing a comprehensive software solution. Leading marketing platforms are available across many different industries, but there is no better way to support the whole of your business than to implement software that handles customer relationship management at its core. Leading CRM software featuring marketing automation and process management offers the ultimate solution for optimal growth.

Using BPM for Better Sales & Marketing

With the aid of the right marketing automation platforms, you'll be able to fine-tune and improve every aspect of the customer experience. This results in more leads, greater customer loyalty, and fantastic growth thanks to the internal support of upselling and cross-selling that couldn't be better. Automation spans the whole of your business, and when you use a leading low code platform from Creatio, all levels of staff and management can start benefiting from the simple visual design. Gone are the days where you need extensive training and comprehensive coding knowledge to start creating simple automation for mail, marketing, and service queue management.

How Automation Benefits Your Business

Yes, that's right. Good marketing automation software doesn't only cover your sales pipelines, leads, and opportunities, it lets you automation pretty much anything. Here are a few of the ways that you can use marketing automation to your benefit:

  • Manage and speed up document queues
  • Allocate the right support, marketing or sales agent for the job automatically
  • Setup bulk tracking of automated email campaigns paid advertising and online promotions
  • Sort and create entries for robust knowledge base management
  • Configure automatic lead nurturing across all communication channels
  • Identify opportunities for cross-selling and upselling within existing markets
  • Dynamic case resolution with automatic logging & support

Advanced BPM Solutions for Your Business
Different industries use specialized software in their work, often of different vendors, because in various issues and areas of competence, each company finds its best. At the same time, any company would like to receive the most integrated expert-grade crm products for its purposes – because of the higher degree of integration, and the more benefits employees will receive in increasing efficiency. Creatio's advanced low-code marketing platforms are already operating in many different industries.

These examples of successful software purchases provide the vector for most enterprises with the best solutions in successfully integrating business processes and better supporting your entire business. It is such advanced software that manages customer relations at its core that can dramatically accelerate your company's business processes. The Business accelerates when your employees can access the company’s system from any device or web browser to provide the best service to your customers. At the same time, you are free from many routine but important processes and can focus on strategic decisions to promote your business in the market.

Flexibility & Control from Good Marketing Automation

Staff can access the company system from any device or web browser if you've chosen the right platform. This puts your staff in touch with team members, company information & resources, and lets them give your customers better service. From websites and portals that direct your funnels with supreme precision and control, to metrics that span every interaction, leading marketing automation has many uses. Your staff communicates better which in turn shapes resource and time-saving business practices that let your staff focus on what matters most – selling.

Agility, Scalability & Company-Wide Support
Automation simplifies and accelerates all areas of business. You can expect productivity and revenues to rise steadily as you learn to apply steps that'll solve problems before they arise, and speed up the day for everyone involved. Workflows can be managed and created for leads, opportunities, and internal workflows like document management & collaboration, as well as supporting service queues and user control as well. No competitive business can go without a platform that delivers sales, marketing & service support. The benefits span every part of the way that you do business, and the improvements directly reflect into rising revenues and growing customer loyalty. Say goodbye to a string of unsuccessful calls, and hello to a bright new way to do business.

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