Top 5 Magento Development Solutions For Businesses

Magento is a very flexible platform with exquisite customization capabilities, however, to use it in your business, you will need to have at least some basic development skills for setting up and maintaining your Magento store. If you don't have a technical background, you will probably find this process a bit complicating, so it's best to reach out to a web development company agency for help.

Magento will require your own hosting, installing, setting up and, configuring it all before launching your Magento store. As a business owner, you will want to maximize the potential of a platform, so you'll need to be careful when choosing the right Magento development solution, especially if you have a tight budget.

If you're looking for affordable and quality Magento development services, these brands will be able to deliver what your business needs.

SimiCart is one of the leaders when it comes to delivering high-quality Magento experiences to businesses. They provide numerous services, from customized mobile app development to headless PWA storefront development solutions for big players. As speed is one of the crucial factors for any eCommerce experience, SimiCart is especially focused on optimizing storefront for the robust performance, while also not sacrificing any of the functionalities.

#2 Pixafy
As New York-based eCommerce experts in B2B and B2C implementations, Pixafy provides businesses across numerous industries with digital transformation and channel harmonization that help widen eCommerce businesses. With Pixafy, you can expect a wide range of skills, from platform engineers and UI developers to designers and marketers.

#3 ADVOX Studio
This Polish company has been specializing in Magento solutions for more than five years. The organization counts with more than 20 developers while embracing numerous capabilities to make the most when creating Magento stores. In ADVOX Studio's portfolio, you can expect to find standard eCommerce platforms, B2B stores, multi-languages stores, complex marketplaces, custom modules, third-part application integrations, etc. For those looking into more advanced options, this organization has already launched Magento 2 stores.

#4 CueBlocks
This eCommerce digital agency is based both in India and the Czech Republic. CUeBlocks is specialized in developing and maintaining Magento stores through numerous services. Code review and audit, migration and re-platform to Magento, custom design, site optimizations, and third-party application integrations are just some of the services you can expect from CueBlocks. Just like ADVOX Studio, CueBlocks is also trained in Magento 2 and is already providing Magento 2 solutions to their eCommerce clients.

#5 Konstant Infosolutions
Yet another highly rated web development organization, Konstant Infosolutions has more than 15 years of experience to offer to its clients. When talking solely about Magento eCommerce solution, the company has worked with more than 350 clients and helped them to transform their business to Magento.

#6 Commerce Pundit
This full-service web agency is based in Atlanta and has almost 300 experienced IT professionals available to their clients. Commerce Pundit delivers both B2B and B2C eCommerce solutions to businesses across all industries. Some of their most requested Magento services are responsive design, eCommerce development, migration and/or support, customization and/or integration, and store marketing.

#7 Magneto IT Solutions
A little wordplay and the Magneto's name was born. This IT company has gathered only Magento developers who have at least five years of experience when it comes to developing professional Magento stores. Companies deliver a robust suite of services that covers all the areas, from developing a Magento store to Magento Shopify integration, and so much more.

#8 MagentoGeeks
As the name suggests itself, MagentoGeeks is a development company that gathers only Magento enthusiasts to offer exquisite development services to clients across the world. Their platform enables clients into converting design PSD to Magento storefronts, utilize Magento Customization, create online enterprises from scratch, and do many other cool things within the platform.

Final Words
Having a robust Magento store will provide your business with incredible benefits that will not only bring your products closer to your target audience but also enhance your sales and marketing results. However, as much as we'd all like to have advanced development solutions for our businesses, some of them are quite expensive and complicated, so it's best to plan accordingly before starting to work on your Magento store. As long as you know exactly what you have and have all the other important factors in place, you will be able to have your own Magento store soon, whether it's on your own or with the help of others.

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