The Industries Most Disrupted by Mobile Apps

Developing a high-quality mobile app is becoming increasingly essential for the profitability and success of many businesses. In order to elevate their name, businesses across a variety of industries are using mobile apps to boost their online presence and to make it easier for customers to enjoy their products and services. Studies show that customers even prefer mobile apps over websites, so innovative companies that want to stay ahead of competitors are investing in mobile apps as part of their development strategy.

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Because the average smartphone user spends about 21% of their mobile time on entertainment apps, says, companies in this industry have created numerous apps to keep people engaged at all times. This is a content-driven industry and, therefore, it has focused on delivering on-demand content, be it music, news, reviews, or live scores from sports events. The personalization feature has also contributed to the popularity of these apps, since they are tailored to the preferences of each user.

Mobile apps in this industry have made it easier for people to access their interests and to further engage with them. For gambling fans, for example, mobile apps have allowed them to access online casinos from anywhere, at any time, with better graphics and a wider variety of games. On, players can even find the providers that offer mobile apps with a user-friendly interface, alongside free spins on slots, money-back offers and attractive opening bonuses.

Hospitality & Food Service

For these industries, creating a fully immersive customer experience is one of the top priorities. Therefore, it seemed only natural that they would take full advantage of the latest technologies to engage with their customers in new and innovative ways. Offering the best services is dependent on mobile apps, because they give hotels and restaurants the chance to keep in touch with their customers through feedback, reviews, and even loyalty programs or vouchers.

The food service industry in particular has been revolutionized by mobile apps, with the food delivery market adding billions of dollars in revenue to the economy, according to DoorDash is the pioneer of the platform-to-consumer model and currently the leader in online food delivery in the US. There are also other great examples of how the adoption of mobile apps has contributed to the growth and transformation of this industry.

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When it comes to the retail industry, many businesses across this sector choose to invest in a mobile app alongside their website. Brands update their online collections regularly, offering exclusive products and loyalty discounts to their customers that are strictly available on the apps. Customers have easy access to photos and product descriptions, as well as help that is a message away.

Mobile apps are also great for their push notification feature that informs customers of potential sales or new items. Real-time notifications increase the popularity and the revenues of these brands, while the personalized suggestions create a stronger community and sense of loyalty. Purchasing products has never been more accessible and e-commerce has never been stronger.

Mobile apps have completely transformed the way companies within these industries reach customers. By adopting this technology, they have acquired a variety of benefits. People spend more time on their smartphones than ever before; so much so that their spending habits have changed drastically. Smartphones are the go-to place for entertainment purposes, for shopping and for ordering food, and businesses in these areas have worked to provide customers with the right solutions to their needs in an ever-changing tech-driven environment.

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