The Future of Writing Services: Exploring the Potential of AI-Driven Content Generation

Today, there is a persistent tendency to use the help of custom essay writing agencies. They are very resourceful, have fast and reliable writers, can meet the top demands of any educational institution, and thus improve the average academic rating of an ordinary student. Young learners simply leave quests to find the desired platform. In the meanwhile, there are AI-driven apps and chatbots that can be helpful as well. So, when you leave an online request similar to “write my essay online“, you may come across an option of using an AI-driven app or even a writing service.

Is it right to use AI-powered writing sites? There are both pros and cons. You need to find them all out to understand whether the pros outweigh the cons. You surely wonder if the future of writing services depends on this technology. Our informative guest post will cast the necessary light on this and a few other aspects. So, read on to figure out the current situation in the market.

Great Research Assistant

One of the most important benefits AI gives is quick access to information. It writes essays and other academic assignments using the Internet. Once you mention the topic, it seeks the most relevant articles that are already there, compares them, sorts out what is vital, and mixes them to make one logical paper. So, the facts it mentions in its creations can be trusted and used for your purposes. Custom writers can use those facts to solve the issues of their clients.

A Faster Completion of Tasks

AI writes faster than the fastest writer. Let's compare two options. When a swift and skilled writer covers a 500-essay, he or she needs time to research the topic and disclose it. On the average, it takes 2-4 hours. The same essay can be completed by AI tools in 2-4 minutes!

It has instant access to the Internet. It quickly finds the most relevant sources of information, takes the most suitable parts from all of them, and mixes them into one essay. Thus, you save tons of precious time. This option suits custom writing sites because all of them try to meet the short deadlines of their clients.

A Great Sample of Writing

When AI writes texts, it shows you the right way to complete your assignments properly. Mane students have an idea about what they should write when definite, complicated topics are assigned. Even one good sample may help them realize what should be done and how. They may simply use a sample to find the right path.

Many custom writing sites provide their clients with useful and gratis content. These are commonly blog posts with tips, articles, topic lists, and similar helpful materials. While samples are offered for at least $5 per 3 articles, custom sites may top charging fees for them because AI may write them in the blink of an eye. It won't take the time and strength of a writer. Therefore, there should be no money to pay for them. So, it's not simply cheap, but even gratis.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

This crucial question should be reviewed from the two opposite sides. So, we will focus on the drawbacks of AI-driven apps and sites. Make allowances for the next essentials:

  • Lack of Creativity

AI tools cannot think creatively. They only mimic and predict possible thoughts of humans. Nonetheless, you will hardly see a lot of creative concepts that are new and unique at the same time. It's a serious problem because US education is based on creative writing.

  • A High Plagiarism Level

There is one proven fact that cannot be denied. All AI-based writing apps cannot write without plagiarizing the texts they use. They make a mix of different articles, and the texts they write are readable and informative. Nevertheless, they are not rewritten. They are just the same, and so they are plagiarized. So, professional writers and editors will have to redo them. It's quite possible that they will spend heaps of time doing that.

  • Misunderstanding of Instructions

At times, AI cannot understand what a person needs from it. The machine may take one of your concepts wrongly and either offer a bit changed topic or cover a different one. Here again, the lack of creative thinking makes it useless.

Reasons to Choose Human Experts

Now, we'd like to explain why it is better to deal with human writers. The first reason can be seen above. There are convincing drawbacks. The second reason is the number of conveniences you can get from a human expert. These are as follows:

  • All kinds of academic features. Experienced writers can provide you with any clues that may lead to the success of your project. They regularly polish all their skills.
  • 100% unique texts. Professional writers and editors always release only 100% authentic projects. They are all done from scratch.
  • Full customization of the orders. You are welcome to demand whatever you may need for your project. You will enjoy all kinds of academic skills and help with any piece of writing. There is a rich choice of specialists from different learning disciplines.
  • Direct communication. You can get in touch with your helper whenever he or she may be needed to get instant feedback.

Mind that the speed of 2-4 hours is very high and you will be able to meet really urgent deadlines. Besides, the prices set by professionals aren't expensive, and you can even get pleasant discounts. Thus, you can save up more than you thought you could.

The Bottom Line

AI-driven technologies are not always as perfect as their developers promise. When we talk about the writing sites that intend to use AI, we cannot recommend using them. There are still a lot of significant drawbacks that were highlighted in our guest post. Consider them again, and you will understand that human writers are more dependable for now. Everything can change the next year, but the current tendency can only give promises without desired results.

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