The Benefits of Franking Machine to Your Business

A franking machine is one that can help eliminate stamps altogether and allow you to quickly and easily verify mail and send it off. This machine best benefits a company that sends a lot of mail off daily, as it is much easier to pay for a franking machine than to consistently be stocking up on stamps needed for mail. Along with that, stamp theft is becoming a growing concern and therefore, a franking machine eliminates all the potential for this type of theft.

Here are some ways that a franking machine can greatly benefit your business.

Save time

Getting a large bulk of mail ready for sending can be tedious, annoying, and a waste of time. One must go through each of the mail pieces, determine where they are going, and from there, attach the right amount of stamps needed. A franking machine can greatly increase efficiency for postage. By using this machine, postage can be purchased online and directly applied via the machine to any mail you wish to send off. This helps in two ways. Firstly, you do not have to keep running to the post office to pick up more stamps for mailing. As everything is done online, all you need to do is quickly purchase the postage on your computer and then use the machine to finish the job. This ensures that you are not wasting time taking several trips out of the office just to pick up stamps. 

Secondly, when sending mail, attaching stamps to each one can be time consuming and rather annoying. With a franking machine, this can all be done instantly ensuring that your mail is ready and out the door much quicker. We all know how slow postal services can be, so do whatever you can on your end to save time and get the mail out. A franking machine will greatly increase the efficiency of the mailing program and allow you to save tons of time.

Safer mailing procedures

Companies often use something called a petty cash amount to help pay for postage and fit their mailing needs. The petty cash loosely keeps track of as it is a rather low amount, but still significant enough that it could possibly be stolen by an employee. Often with mailing, money used for stamps is left lying around with the mail, therefore making it a perfect target for someone looking to make a few extra dollars. By switching over to a franking machine, you can ensure loose money is never needed as all of it is purchased online via card. 

Next, damaged stamps and stamp theft are an ongoing concern with the mailing system. While you may not have damaged the stamps yourself, they might have gotten damaged in transit or been ruined and/or stolen by someone else. What that means is that your mail will bounce back to you or never reach its intended destination. This can be extremely harmful to a business as you are likely not going to know this is a problem until five to ten business days after you have mailed it. There can be a lot of wasted time with these stamps. 

A franking machine eliminates these stamps, therefore it is impossible for mail to bounce back due to improper or damaged postage. You will be able to rest easy knowing that your package will reach its destination on time. Using a franking machine will help to guarantee safer mailing procedures, both in the workplace and in the postal system.

Faster deliveries

When mail is authenticated via a Franking machine, it is expedited as a high priority package. Therefore, the postal service will make sure that your package is hurried out and reaching its destination as fast as possible. Normally, to get something to ship high priority would have an extra charge that is quite expensive in comparison. 

With a franking machine, you can get a higher priority shipping absolutely free, making this a no brainer for companies that consistently send out mail. Look to a franking machine to help get your packages mailed faster.

If your company is one that sends mail on the daily, consider making an upgrade and purchasing a franking machine to help meet your needs. A franking machine is great for saving time both on your end and on the mailing end. You can be sure that your mail is getting there as fast as it possibly can. Finally, a franking machine will help to provide a much greater level of security on your postage that stamps could not guarantee. Would your work benefit from a franking machine?

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