Technology for Safety and Savings

How do modern business enterprises keep their workers safe and save money at the same time? They use the newest technology to accomplish both goals. Biometric identification devices can help owners keep track of hours worked and maintain a controlled environment where only screened personnel are able to enter designated areas, rooms, or buildings. Transport companies use highly-advanced fleet programs to interact with drivers during trips and do remote troubleshooting whenever it's necessary.

The newest versions of tax prep software deliver a powerful menu of features that can save owners significant amounts of money year-round. Additionally, managers and owners who want to make the workspace as safe as possible turn to top-tier surveillance camera packs. Even in HR departments, there are breakthrough technologies that help decrease errors in the workplace and allow hiring agents to screen thousands of applicants at once and sift through stacks of resumes digitally. No category of activity is untouched by technology. The following examples are just a representative sampling of the current state of affairs.

On-Site Biometrics

Five years ago, biometric devices were rare in all but the largest, most successful international corporations. Nowadays, they're a standard part of the scenery in companies of all kinds and sizes. It's not just about prices coming down, though that factor played a central role in the widespread acceptance of biometric tech. By far, biometric devices are the heroes of on-site security in industries like energy, weapons systems development, and aerospace. Small biometric devices placed near entrances can securely and reliably screen all entrants to make sure no unauthorized personnel gain access to designated areas. The devices identify human irises, fingerprints, palm veins, and faces to differentiate between particular employees.

Fleet Management Systems

For decades, one of the main challenges in the transport sector has been driver safety. Today's fleet management systems solved the problem in several ways. First, live connection with drivers via audio and dash cam video means supervisors can coach new drivers in real-time via a live stream hookup. Drivers can get all the training they need, complete with a virtual in-cab coach who gives helpful feedback and suggestions. If you want to find out more about the multiple benefits of live stream cameras for truck fleets and understand how the basic technology works, an online guide explains everything you need to know. Dashcams for transport fleets offer privacy, education, and safety enhancement for drivers, too.

Tax Software

Even if your company outsources its tax preparation work to an accounting firm, it's important to use a modern software program to accumulate, store, and analyze data on a daily basis. The newest software in this niche is inexpensive but powerful. Even small businesses can save at tax time when they present their accountant with a full set of organized, verified, and formatted data. That means the experts don't need to spend as much time prepping tax documents. In the end, business owners save money on accounting service fees, which are typically charged on a per-hour basis.

Super-Cam Surveillance Packages

Security cameras have come a long way in sophistication in the past 20 years. Not only have prices come down, but modern “super-cam” surveillance packages for standard offices can prevent break-ins, deter theft, and monitor access to any room, floor, or computer.

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