Tech Companies to Look at in 2019

If your business is trying to develop a marketing plan to reach millennials, your first step is to evaluate your technology to make sure you are on the cutting edge. What are the tech companies to look at in 2019? Some of them you have heard of, and some of the companies may be new to you. Read on to discover some of the best in their industries.


Are you looking for a company to develop an app for your business? Do you want to find a mobile app developer that gets lots of downloads and chatter in the press? Check out Appekapps. Their apps have been featured on CNN, MTV, Wired, Forbes, E! Entertainment Television, MacWorld, and many more. If you build the right app, the millennials will come.


Based in Irvine, this company helps protect your business using artificial intelligence and algorithmic science. The company reported over a 2,500 percent growth over three years. They must be doing something right.


Founded in 2013, this Helsinki-based company develops mobile games and found themselves on the top of many best new business lists. Work with Seriously, and maybe you can use the experience to write-off a trip to Finland. How fun would that be?


Do you need help with your brand development? MuteSix can help. This marketing agency has worked with other west-coast tech companies and has been around since 2010.

Digital Defense

Protect your data, as well as your customers' data, by hiring one of the top twenty cyber-security companies in the nation. Reach out to this San Antonio-based company to receive a free quote.

World Wide Technology

This technology consulting company has been listed as one of Glassdoor's best tech places to work. Find out how they can help your business by reaching out to World Wide Technology.


Do you need help with your data storage? NetApp delivers everything you need to build your Data Fabric. And according to Glassdoor, they are great to work for also.


According to Fortune, Salesforce, located in San Francisco is one of the best software companies around. It also receives kudos as being a great place to work according to their over 17,000 employees.

Before you reach out to any of these tech companies, it is first essential to understand your company's specific needs. Technology should be thought of as a tool that helps you become better, faster, or more efficient. What tools do you need to achieve this?

Ask your team how they spend their day. Try to figure out what activities they spend the most time doing. If they are activities that reach clients, then this is a productive time. If most of their time is spent completing a process, then perhaps it is time to find another solution to help your employees save time.

Think about what growth looks like for you. Determine which technologies can support that growth.

Make sure your leadership is excited about bringing new technology to your company. If all levels of leadership do not buy into a new way of thinking, you will be wasting your time and energy that could be better spent obtaining new clients.

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