Simple Video Converter for Mac Users

The bigger choice of formats suggests us the modern technologies, the more possibilities we have, as we can adjust any kind of information to the most convenient format for our device, network or site.

Converting audio and video files to mobile devices Apple still remains an open problem for many users. Many converters have quite a complicated and incomprehensible interface with a lot of settings, which does not help in understanding. In contrast, there is a fairly simple and at the same time powerful converter – Permute. Let's review all the modern abilities and benefits of the media converter for Mac.

Permute converter for Mac is popular due to its simplicity in use and intuitive interface and also available settings. There are not so many editors, that allow working with several types of content. This is a unique converter, as it combines the functions of video- and audio- conversion. It can be anything you like: a musical composition, a movie or even a simple image.Minimal settings, support for drag and drop – and the program will start working. The settings are saved as presets, which are separated depending on the devices – Apple TV, iPhone, iPad. Presets can also be customized: choose bitrate, sound quality or picture, track, etc.

Video Converter
There's an option to change the file format when you want your video to fit your device's screen perfectly. Permute can handle almost any file format you can imagine, even if you have never seen such file formats in other converters. The decorative design of the program is extremely friendly, especially to those who have not met with converters before. Without going into detailed settings, you can just as easily convert media files.

Audio Converter
We have good news for those who thought that the capabilities to convert are limited only by video formats. You can work at audio files as well. It's simple. Permute will help you to cut needed audio segments from video track.

Video to Audio Converter
This task can be difficult for any other converter, but not for Permute. If you need to extract any voice track from the video you like or to record a voice from the interview, Permute will be your best assistant.

Image Converter
Permute also took care of the convenient possibility of converting any image formats. You do not need to use any photoshop or illustrators in order to do this. All the formats you can need are available in one application. This is very convenient, isn't it?

Video Editing

Even if you need to create one video consisting of several clips, it is more than easy. You just open the source files in the desired sequence, set the option “Paste the files into one” in the settings and convert them to any format.

Here are what you will get using media converter Permute

The converter uses only high-quality algorithms for editing, so conversion almost doesn’t influence the final quality; it can depend only on the profile you select. Just Optimize the conversion settings in order to get the most suitable result for you.

Social Networks
Many social networks and messengers have strict video size limits and accept only a few of their formats, so if your video file is not in one of them, you need to change it. Convert your video with Permute and share it on Instagram, Whatsapp, or Facebook.

Video Files of a Smaller Size
The converted video files will often be smaller than your original video. Smaller MP4 files allow you to share your video without any limits. Compression also helps to save space on your device.

With brand new techniques, you can make the life significantly better. Join millions of satisfied users around the world!

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