Project Management Tools That Work

Is your company in need of a few project management tools that have the power to get things back on track? Unfortunately, too many software packages and consulting agencies offer miracle solutions that look great on paper but fail to deliver long lasting results. The good news is that there are simple ways to implement effective project management systems that don't cost a fortune or take years to work. Here are some of the most popular low-cost project management software packages and concepts that can help you get started that are suitable in various industries.

Workflow Templates

If you like the idea of a DIY digital program, consider downloading one of the many free workflow templates. Try to find one that is specific to your field. There are hundreds of them out there, and most are either free or very low priced. Try a few before settling on the one you want to use long-term. The goal is to install a company-wide template that lets everyone work online together in a seamless fashion.

Fleet Management Systems

There are at least a dozen excellent fleet maintenance management software products available. Prices vary, but it's imperative to select one that you can test out for a few weeks before committing to buy. Consider reviewing a helpful guide on the importance of fleet maintenance management so you'll be better equipped to select the right solution for your transport business. What can these versatile systems do? In addition to helping drivers avoid heavy traffic and dangerous construction zones, these systems have the power to plan entire routes based on high efficiency, track vehicle maintenance needs, keep tabs on every asset on board from pick up to delivery, and more.

Shared Calendars

Shared calendar apps are inexpensive and easy to set up. Note that price and quality do not go together in this product category. So, spend time test driving a half-dozen or more calendar apps before choosing one to use throughout your business environment. Once you install one, there'll be no more double-booked appointments or schedule conflicts if you use them correctly.

Time Track Apps

Apps that track time spent on particular tasks, jobs, and entire projects give you the power to eliminate wasted time. Time track apps deliver tons of valuable data to every manager's desktop in real-time, which means the whole team is informed about which projects are on time and which aren't. This is a huge benefit to the business since in many cases success is determined by projects, and their efficiencies and accuracies.

Insight Software

Managers need all the help they can get. Insight software programs offer dozens of data sets that reveal potential problem areas. It's essential to track changes in categories like sick leave taken, daily production parameters, safety violations, employee retention, and more. Be careful when shopping for off the shelf products that promise to do everything. Few do, but prices range from reasonable to shockingly high, and there's no real correlation between price and quality. First, demand to test drive any insight software system for at least 30 days. Second, don't be afraid to negotiate on price. Most sellers will be happy to knock a few hundred dollars off to onboard a long-term customer. Third, search for software designed for your industry.

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