How 5G Will Change Life Around us

The technology known as 5G is in its early stages where we are just realizing the potential. As the devices and technology we interact with daily become more and more advanced, we will certainly need the advancements brought by 5G to support them. What is 5G and how will it help us support the new tech that is on the horizon?

What is 5G and What Can it Offer?

5G is the next generation of mobile wireless communications that will offer numerous benefits like greater streaming capabilities, lower latency, faster speeds and more stable connections. This incredible technology has the ability to enhance business and consumers around the world and further the connectivity that is already in place between countries. The potential increase in bandwidth is massive and can enhance all current internet capabilities.

Enhanced Home and Personal Technology

There is an exciting and revolutionary wave of home and personal technology that is on its way. While just about everyone understands the concept of a “smartphone” or even a “smart television” your average person has not yet become familiar with “smart cars” and “smart refrigerators.” The fact is, there are new devices being manufactured that will give all of the appliances and devices around you a whole new core of functional service that will enhance your day to day life.

The “Internet of Things” or IOT is a group of technology that consists of everything from smart home appliances to wearable tech like smartwatches. This growing field is expected to be expanded on immensely in the next decade. Your home will have incredible programmability that will be controllable from central devices like a smartphone. Even vehicles have grand plans of incorporating advanced features like autopilot systems.

All of these devices will have extensive needs for internet throughput that is simply not there yet with technology in its current state. Advancements like 5G will be needed to connect all of these IOT devices and allow them to be controlled remotely. Systems like 5G could be incredibly useful in the next generation of technology.

Greater Streaming Capabilities

When 5G technology is widespread, we will truly see streaming platforms take off in a whole new way. While streaming as a career is already widespread in the US, other countries around the world do not have the necessary internet connections needed. Places like Albania are getting their first full-time streamers, and it is expected to expand even more when 5G technology is more commonplace. Live streaming is an exciting and very interesting field, and almost all major social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have features for live streaming. It’s very popular, especially among the younger demographic and thus it will certainly grow over the years and require the proper systems in place like 5G to support it.

Home streaming is another aspect that 5G technology will help support. While services like Netflix and Youtube are incredibly popular today and growing every year, there will need to be advancements in streaming technology to support it. When it comes to resolution, it’s not long ago that 480p used to be satisfactory and 1080p was considered high definition. Now 4k is becoming commonplace everywhere, and this is just the beginning. While the current capabilities of streaming technology might be sufficient today, in the coming years we will certainly need higher bandwidth to support better video resolutions that will be available to the consumer. Downloading speeds are another area that has always been a major gripe to the consumer. Large videos, games and other files could take a long time, especially in areas where internet technology is not as good, like Australia or Africa. As 5G technology becomes widespread, all countries around the world will gradually benefit with higher download speeds.

Video Games Push Technology

As consumers ultimately control which forms of technology will grow, it has always been said that video games push technology more than anything else. There is some truth to this saying, and we are seeing clear examples of this in the with 5G. Online video games need extraordinary internet connections for the system to be viable as it is, and with virtual reality games growing in popularity, we will certainly need even better connections in the future. 5G will certainly enhance our lives in many unique and varying ways.

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