Myths about Macs That Are Simply Untrue

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Like any product, Macs carry their share of myths. Many of these misconceptions have developed over the decades. Let's explore some of these falsehoods and get to the truth:

Myth #1 Macs Are Not PCs

One of the most common myths is that Macs are not PCs. Most people refer to computers that run Windows as PCs and Macs as, well, Macs. The fact is that Macs are PCs too. Remember, any personal computer is a PC. Macs even have the same type of hardware as other PCs. The main difference is that they run a different operating system and employ Apple's design language.

Myth #2 Macs Don't Get Viruses

This myth is downright dangerous. Apple started the falsehood in 2006. They claimed that Macs don't get viruses in the “Get a Mac” advertising campaign for TV. Sure, Macs are more secure than regular PCs because of Apple's tight control over the Mac ecosystem. But experts have noticed malware threats against Macs are rising as they gain market share.

In fact, cybersecurity company Malwarebytes realized that Mac threats were outpacing Windows threats per endpoint by almost two to one in 2019. Moreover, during the 2021 court battle between Epic and Apple, Apple's Craig Federighi finally admitted that “we have a level of malware on the Mac that we don't find acceptable.”

Here are some common signs of a malware infection on an Apple machine that may require a Mac virus scan for remediation:

  • Your computer is slowing down, overheating, crashing, or running intensely without cause.
  • Your files and folders are inaccessible or corrupt.
  • Aggressive popup ads hit your browser.
  • Your browser is redirected to different pages.
  • Your homepage changes without reason.
  • There are new programs on your computer that you don't remember installing.

Myth #3 Macs Are Bad for Videogames

There was undoubtedly a time when Macs struggled to play modern video games because they didn't have adequate hardware. But with onboard graphics solutions becoming more capable, Macs can play some of the world's most renowned titles. Sure, most of them don't have cutting-edge graphics, but these Mac games are pretty entertaining:

  • Sid Meier's Civilization
  • Stardew Valley
  • Terraria
  • Hollow Knight
  • The Elder Scrolls Online
  • Total War
  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Myth #4 Macs Have Limited Software

This myth started because Macs used to have a more restrictive software ecosystem. But today, Macs can run many of your favorite programs from Microsoft. For example, you can seamlessly run Microsoft Office on a Mac, iPad, and even iPhone nowadays. You can also dual boot macOS and Windows with Apple's Bootcamp and switch between platforms as you please.

Myth #5 Macs Are Only for Artists

Although many media professionals enjoy using Macs because of the proprietary design software, all types of people use Macs. The upscale look of MacBooks makes them a lifestyle choice for many young buyers. Some people also buy Macs because the machines are a sign of success in certain professional and social circles.

These are just some of the myths about Macs that aren't true. Despite popular opinion, Macs are more accessible and a little more flawed than some people realize.

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