Microsoft MD-101 Exam Topics – Great Way to Explore Exam Content, Especially with Practice Tests

This Microsoft exam is designed for the administrators who are responsible for configuring, managing, monitoring, deploying, and securing client applications and devices in the enterprise environment. They have the relevant skills in managing apps, updates, identity, policies, and access. These professionals normally collaborate with the Microsoft 365 enterprise administrators to design and implement the device strategy that meets the business needs of any modern company. The candidates for the Microsoft MD-101: Managing Modern Desktops test should be familiar with Microsoft 365 workloads. They also need to be proficient and experienced in configuring, deploying, and maintaining both and non-Windows/Windows 10 technologies and devices.

Microsoft MD-101 Practice Test is a part of the requirements for obtaining the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate credential. MD-100: Windows 10 is the second exam that the students have to pass in order to earn this certificate. For those applicants who have already passed Microsoft 70-698 (it has been retired on March 31, 2019), there is no need to take the MD-100 test. You can proceed to sit for the MD-101 exam to get your associate-level certification.

What should you know about Microsoft MD-101 exam structure?
The MD-101 exam is a 120-minute test consisting of between 40 and 60 questions. It’s important to state that the candidates have an additional 30 minutes, which covers the time required to read the exam instructions and sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement. For now, this certification test is available in the English language. To take it, you have to pay the fee of $165 and register with Pearson VUE. The passing score for Microsoft MD-101 is 700 on a scale of 1000.

There are different types of questions you can expect when taking this exam. Some of them are build list, active screen, multiple choice, best answer, short answer, and drag & drop, among others. Microsoft provides short videos on each of these question formats. It is recommended that you visit the official site to get more information regarding these types. To get familiar with the exam questions, you should also take time to go through practice tests and understand the pattern and style of the actual exam. Microsoft MD-101 Exam Dumps  has a series of mock tests that you can use for your effective preparation.

What should you know about Microsoft MD-101 exam content?
This Microsoft certification exam is developed to evaluate the applicants’ skills in deploying and updating operating systems; managing and protecting devices; managing policies and profiles; and managing data and apps. The areas of focus for Microsoft MD-101 are detailed below.

Deploy & Update Operating Systems: It covers the highest part of the exam content, making up about 35-40% of all the questions. This objectivemeasures your skills in planning and implementing Windows 10 through the use of dynamic deployment. It will also evaluate your ability to select and evaluate suitable deployment options, as well as troubleshoot and manage provisioning packages. Your skills in piloting deployment, evaluating deployment alternatives in Microsoft Endpoint Manager, and planning & implement Windows 10 with the use of Windows Autopilot will also be measured.The students should also develop their competence in the following areas:

  • Creating, assigning, and validating a deployment profile
  • Extracting a device from HW info to the CSV file
  • Importing device HW info to Cloud services
  • Troubleshooting deployment and upgrading devices to Windows 10
  • Identifying downgrade and upgrade paths
  • Managing in-place upgrades and assessing specific computers to be upgraded to Windows 10
  • Configuring Desktop Analytics settings
  • Managing updates and migrating user profiles
  • Configuring Windows 10 update for business and Windows 10 delivery optimization
  • Deploying Windows updates and implementing Windows feature updates
  • Managing sign-on alternatives, authentication policies, and device authentication
  • Monitoring Windows 10 updates and performing Azure Active Directory join

Manage Profiles & Policies: Itcomes with 25-30% andassesses one’s competence and ability to plan & implement co-management, implement co-management preference, and recommend a co-management strategy. Your skills in migrating group policy to MDM policies, as well as planning, implementing, and managing conditional access policies will also be measured. The test takers will also be evaluated based on their ability to perform the following technical functions:

  • Plan, implement, and operate device compliance policies
  • Configure and manage user profiles
  • Configure sync settings and Enterprise State Roaming in Azure Active Directory
  • Implement folder re-direction such as OneDrive

Manage & Protect Devices: It makes up about 20-25% of the whole exam content. This domain evaluates your skills and competence in operating Windows Defender, which entails managing and implementing Windows Defender Application Guard, Windows Defender Credential Guard, Windows Defender Exploit Guard, and Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection. The topic measures the student’s skills in the following areas:

  • Integrate Windows Defender Application Control
  • Configure enrollment settings and Intune automatic enrollment
  • Enable device enrollment
  • Enroll Windows and non-Windows devices
  • Monitor devices, device security, and device health, such as Desktop Analytics, log analytics, and other Cloud-based tools

Manage Data & Apps: Although it comes with 10-15% of the exam content,it is also very significant objective. The candidates will be able to fulfill the following technical tasks:

  • Update and deploy applications
  • Assign apps to specific groups
  • Deploy apps with the help of Intune and Microsoft Store for Business
  • Deploy Office 365 ProPlus and enable sideloading of different apps to images
  • Collect Office readiness data
  • Implement and configure kiosk or public devices
  • Implement Azure Information Protection prototypes
  • Configure Windows Information Protection and secure data with the use of Intune

No doubt, Microsoft MD-101requires thorough preparation and a deep understanding of the above-mentioned topics. However, there are a lot of different resources that are designed to help any individual explore each detail of this exam. Visit the Microsoft Learning Platform to find various study materials, such as guides/books, training courses, blog articles, and so on. ExamSnap also offers a wealth of prep tools that will remarkably help you prepare for your test and pass it on the first try.

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