Use the Internet To Make Money While Traveling

Travel Suitcase with Money

When on a vacation the last thing you want to do is work. The whole reason for many vacations is, in fact, to get away from work! However, if you're on an extended trip stretching into multiple weeks or months, it's worth looking at how the technological wonders of the Internet can help you earn some money to pay for your travel expenses. The luckiest of us might even be able to pay for the entire trip from the work we do while on the trip. Imagine that.

The list of ways to earn money online is not a short one, but I have a few favorites. Here they are:

Web Design, Development, and Content Creation

It's said that the technology has shrunk the world i.e. we can now all effectively “sit” next to each other and therefore do work from any location. If you take the time to develop a network of contacts at home and abroad, you can continue to deliver on projects while you travel. Design, coding, and writing are, in my opinion, some of the best skills to have for remote work.

Or consider that every town has small businesses and undoubtedly some of them are going to have a web presence. If you've got the skills, take on small web site improvement projects. The hotel you're staying in or the restaurant you keep visiting are good places to start since you'll already have a relationship with the owner. The operators of any tours you take are another good option. There's no need for long-term commitment; just one-off tasks that pay and leave both sides better off than before. Of course, if they want to continue working with you, all the better.

Create and Run Your Own Web Site

Having your own web site creates a number of money-making opportunities. Write about your travels and post your photos. Also consider reviewing products, travel agencies, restaurants, and hotels. Better yet, put together guides to different cities or regions. All of these things can result in traffic to your site which in turn can generate money from advertising. Using free software such as WordPress can keep your overhead costs low. A successful site can also be parlayed into free tours in exchange for a write-up. Saving money is good as making it. If you're completely new to this idea, check out ProBlogger's guide to getting started.

Short Term Investing and Gambling

Keep your eyes and ears open for short term investing opportunities. This means staying in touch with the news at home and around the world. Sometimes you can parlay events into short term gains in the stock market by taking advantage of time zone differences. Stock market is, actually, a version of gambling. There are a few differences between casino and stock market. Such differences can give you more time to research and analyze events in, say, the US so that you're in a better position to make a trade when the markets open. You can become broker, but you would have to learn the job, check tutorials and guides. Same thing applies for online casinos. If you have the temperament and the skill, consider playing online games. The Majority of online casino guides are also providing strategic and betting expertise, which can help any individual to become a better in gambling.

Check them out now before your next trip so you'll be all set when you're abroad. The best part is you're in complete control of when you play whether it's first thing in the morning when you wake up, in the middle of the day when you’re bored, or in the middle of the night when you can't sleep.

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