Is Augmented Reality Set to Go Mainstream in 2023?

Augmented reality is still a novelty technology. It appears in various industries but is nowhere near the mainstream yet. Developers in the industry dream of a time when everyone has a set of AR glasses, as this will enable more groundbreaking leaps forward for the platform.

Apple is rumored to have a top-secret AR project in the works, and when this is released, it could completely change the game. Still, AR will need some of the internet’s most thriving industries to give it that extra push into the mainstream.

Apple is Reported to Have AR Glasses in Development

Apple has been responsible for pushing various major technological breakthroughs into the mainstream, and many people are hoping that the American giant can do the same for AR. The company hasn’t publicly stated that it has AR in development yet, but many experts have deduced that it is working on something based on the patents it has taken out.

Apple has most likely been working on AR and VR for years, but it is waiting until its offering is perfect before it releases it to the public. One Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, believes that there will be a January 2023 announcement for Apple Glasses. After that, the release date could be set for later in the year. This could be a game-changer for AR as it may influence a vast number of existing Apple users to jump on the technology. The smartphone industry boomed when the iPhone was released, and the same thing could happen with AR.

Industries Like Bingo Could Push AR into the Mainstream

When the iPhone helped to bring smartphones into the mainstream, it didn’t do it on its own. It was helped massively by the rise of the mobile gaming industry with apps like Angry Birds and Doodle Jump among many early hits. There could be a repeat of this with AR. Apple’s Glasses could influence more people to buy, but the technology will also need a huge industry to get behind it.

The online bingo sector is the ideal candidate to boost AR’s fortunes. Over the last five years, online bingo sites have shown how adaptable they are with new technology. The games available now span various options for players, including 90-ball, 75-ball, and 30-ball variants. These sites also have high-tech slot games and other options for players to enjoy.

Bingo would be enhanced even more by the introduction of AR. Players could potentially put on AR glasses and feel as though they are sitting around other players. These would be displayed as AR projections upon the player’s natural surroundings. There could also be a bingo caller that players can see through their AR glasses. Essentially, they would have the impression that they were sitting in a classic bingo hall, all from the comfort of their own home.

AR has the potential to change the world. It will be vital for entertainment but could also have everyday uses like adding subtitles to translate foreign languages in real time. First, though, it needs some major catalysts to help it go mainstream. Apple and the bingo industry could both play crucial roles.

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