What Type of Content Can Boost Traffic to Your Website

Without enough traffic to your website, all your efforts will be in vain. If you want to know how to drive traffic to your website, you need to consistently produce high-quality content. Creating high-quality content can help you to build authority, feature in the search engines and bring you a steady stream of traffic.

It's important to know what content types are most effective. Visual content, for example, is often more engaging than text. Here are some useful and informative forms of content that will help boost traffic to your website.

How-To Posts
Writing how-to posts is a great way to establish authority. You walk readers through the steps to solve a pain point or use your product. How-to articles have great long tail search potential as so many people type in queries starting with “How to ….” such as “How to get traffic to your website.”

To create a how-to post, you have to present your knowledge in a way that's useful to someone else. Images, diagrams and videos can all help you to do this. These days you need to show people a different method that works better to really get their attention. How to increase website traffic? Find a way to do something that's clearly superior, and then teach it to others.

Q&A's with experts
Reach out to experts in your industry, email them a list of questions that your audience is asking and ask for their response. Most of these experts will respond if they feel you genuinely want to help your audience and the answers are of value to their target audience too.

The type of questions you could consider asking are:

  • Greatest successes
  • Biggest mistakes
  • What motivates them
  • What they feel about a recent trend in the industry.

The material you get from experts offers you unique content that no-one else has, driving traffic to your website and garnering you respect from others in the field.

Landing page videos
Landing page videos are becoming increasingly popular. Animated explainer videos, for example, inform visitors about produce/service details in a fun, engaging way.

Put an animated explainer video on your landing page above the fold and your visits may just go from eight seconds up to two minutes. When visitors stay on your landing page for longer, it helps your search engine visibility and increases conversions.

A guide is a long, detailed piece of content. To write a good guide, you have to include many details and present your information in an attractive and easily consumable way. You may want to present it as a downloadable PDF that users get in exchange for their email addresses.

Success stories
People love hearing about the success of others because it gives them clues as to how they can also achieve success. A success story must be original and detailed enough to inspire readers. They must be able to learn from you so they can do what you've done. Success stories may include:

  • A problem you solved by starting your business
  • Mistakes you've overcome and that you can help others to avoid
  • Recent accomplishments within your team

If you're struggling to keep up with your studies and write engaging content, like success stories for your startup, think about getting some online assignment help. It will give you more time to devote to your business and learn how to increase website traffic.

Human beings are wired to love lists and if you want to know how to drive traffic to your website, you should include lists. Numbered ideas are as popular as ever because they are easy to scan and clear about telling people what to expect.

Simply pick a topic and decide how many numbers to use. Introduce your topic, list your points and sum them up in your conclusion. It doesn't matter whether you have three points, 20 points, or more, as long as you write effective content that ends up driving traffic to web site.

Client testimonials
If you want to know how to get traffic to your website, you need to consider using client testimonials. They help to enhance the trust of prospects and give your products or services more credibility. You can present a testimonial in video form or use a client's statement together with a picture.

A final word
Your content has to stand out if you want to succeed at driving traffic to your website. As you can see, there are plenty of content options, some of which are more effective than others. The more different types of content you offer, the more powerful your marketing efforts become.

Creating content of the types mentioned above will engage your audience and people will be encouraged to listen, learn and share. The more they share, the more traffic to your website increases.

Author Bio:
Sandra Larson is a renowned content marketing specialist, blogger, academic writer, and one of the owners of https://elizabethanauthors.org/. She works with online writing agencies in a dual role as a content marketing expert and a writer in science and technology and business management. She practices mindfulness, tries DIY woodworking, and learns to fly drones in her free time.

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