What Does Comprehensive Site Promotion Consist of?

There is no single universal method that can guarantee a 100 percent strike on target for each portal. Conducting a full audit, analyzing the data, and generating a list of tasks needed to attract potential clients are all critical steps in determining the best vector for future advertising. This can be achieved with the help of https://soax.com/indonesia-proxy tools that you can get on the website.

Benefits of Integrated Marketing

To attract diverse ways of marketing, you'll need a significant expenditure – you'll need an acceptable advertising campaign budget that allows you to deploy many tools at once. The advantages of this approach are obvious:

  • The target audience is well-represented – some potential clients conduct their searches in search engines, while others spend a significant amount of time on social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook), and yet others rely on YouTube videos for information. And these are the primary categories; if the site owner chooses only one, he or she instantly loses two-thirds of the site visitors who may use the available services or purchase items from the online catalog.
  • Reputational marketing – increasing brand awareness and popularity in the network, forming a positive image that will not bring instant results, but in the long run, will help to interest and attract network users.
  • Competitiveness – units of companies prefer integrated promotion – most market players prefer to act consistently, using different advertising tools in turn. Therefore, using all available channels, you can quickly be a few steps ahead and take the lead.

Website promotion is a task for the whole team (PPC, SEO, and SMM specialists), which can select relevant promotion channels based on the audit. Analysis and comparison of the results obtained in the process of work will allow us to select priority areas for future investments.

Features of Complex Promotion

Search engine optimization does not give visible changes at the initial stage – it takes about 3-6 months to fill the site with content, indexing, and other actions. The budget is gradually spent, but the customer will not receive a quick response – do not expect a sharp increase in customer flow, as well as increasing conversions in the first month of cooperation. The situation is similar in promotion on social networks: you need to prepare materials, and win the loyalty of users.

At the same time, contextual advertising bears fruit almost after the launch of the campaign. Accordingly, the business is developing rapidly at all levels, and there is no period of a long wait for the first results. A comprehensive approach is a good chance for new, young companies that will be able to compete with market leaders and quickly take the first positions in search results.

Disadvantages of Integrated Promotion

Despite the many advantages in favor of such a strategy, there are several disadvantages that need to be considered, preferring to work in several directions.

One of them is price. Promotion in the network is quite expensive, and the more channels used, the more expensive the promotion. Therefore, if the company's financial capabilities are currently limited, it is better to choose one priority area and focus all efforts on it. Otherwise, the money will be wasted, and the expected result will not be obtained. You must first agree on a budget and make sure that the amount allocated will be enough to implement a comprehensive marketing strategy.

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