Useful Instagram Hacks to Increase Your Target Audience

We rightfully assume that you acknowledged that Instagram is, indeed, the big deal when talking about brand visibility.

Even marketing masterminds from SEO marketing backgrounds, like Neil Patel or Romuald Fons, have ultimately turned their heads in ache to Instagram activity as a safe tool for business growth and brand exposure. Particularly for the trustworthiness, it has on the matter of potential audiences reaching.

So when we jump into the current of building audiences on this platform, the matter of finding a helpful and trusted source for ways to increase views is crucial. No matter if it arises from followers’ growth, mass-liking runs, or hashtags’ witty usage

Wanting to assist on the journey for that buzzing but demanded term of growth hacking, we have crafted an informed list of trustworthy hacks for Instagram growth you can start putting into practice today.

1. Partnering with micro-influencers

Putting aside the question of difficulty, why would any brand choose to partner with a micro-influencer? Instead of looking for a middle or macro?

Well, here’s the deal:

Micro-influencers possess what is known as hyper-engaged audiences, which means having a significantly higher authority and trust within their networks than average.

As shown in an Instagram marketing study, statistics have revealed that as high as Instagram accounts’ following increase, these start experiencing a significant drop in user engagement (for both likes and comments) after 100k.

This circumstance, which indicates less interaction, is exactly what you’re trying to avoid.

Micro-influencers are hidden gems for brand promotion. If you manage to build a bridge between your business and local bloggers, models, niche influencers, or big customers, try to milk it as these can all make for great collaboration opportunities.

2. Go on a liking and commenting run

This hack way of working builds from the method of benefiting from the Instagram searching and SEO work already done by another account. Plus, the automatic exposure that that authority provides.

Win-win engagement
It is like a quick one-two-three sequence of hooks. First, looking for photos from hashtags relevant to your business. Then liking the ones appearing first, and finally leaving 3 or 4 smart comments on the nicest ones.

At this point, you are, to state the least, making a wanted or not automatic impression on an enormous pool of people outside of your present followers.

Next time you consider committing to manual methods like the “follow-for-follow” routine, let yourself wonder if a more appealing alternative like this one could produce better results.

This method implies an increase in both the original poster and commentator engagement. So it seems like a fair and clean way to make impressions on big audiences.

3. Buying video views

We have already discussed here some relevant insights on the matter of “buying growth on Instagram”. But here we open the book on the chapter of buying video views.

Also, we have talked too about the snowball effect this marketing method has as an effort to build credibility over a brand.

The influence of interactions
Interaction is a currency hard to gain and handle over social media. Using techniques like this, that although not primarily organic yet enhance and by-product an indirect organic follow-up, is always a safe side-tactic to inflate the impact of our other methods used and overall marketing strategy.

Find a package that embodies a reasonable “high number of views” for your posts. If you are a small brand with less than 1,000 followers or an average of 100 views per video, you could smoothly fit yourself under a plan that ranges between 100—1,000 views per post. Just then, you can start increasing the numbers.

4. Using Hashtags

As we have explored in another entry, hashtags are an underestimated tool when referring to our accounts’ discovery rate by a targeted audience.

Both content-based and geo-localized hashtags have a strong influence on the perception our brands receive from the community. At the same time, its rate of appearance in the feeds.

That is why you must not abuse your hashtag usage. With an average of 5—10 hashtags per post, you pack a nice folder of various hashtags, which are relevant to your niche, meet your target persona, and are not perceived by the algorithm as spam.

Branded hashtags
Somewhat a section of the “Instagram hashtags use strategies”, these tools set up for a more complicated approach, demanding a deeper and more strategic thinking of the brands’ identity effect in the marketing campaign.

As an example, one could refer to the branded hashtags’ successful campaigns run by the big fishes Redbull (#ItGivesYouWings) and Coca-Cola (#ShareACoke). Based on their slogans, they created a permanently trending give-and-take bridge of communication between them and their audiences.

How to come with an interactive branded hashtag?

If you convince your users to generate content using your hashtags, you may have already fulfilled half of your marketing goals for the semester.

Embracing interaction-prone means like setting giveaways, making contests, and creating challenges, is the best method to get a brand hashtag in the way of gaining thousands of results.

The myriad of ways to benefit from hashtags usage is endless and constantly evolving. So don’t fear to be creative.

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