Tricks to speed up the Internet on your smartphone!!!

There are multiple reasons why we use the internet on our smartphones. Internet is widely used not only on phones, but also on other devices like laptops, computers, tabs, and in fact on television as well to get the desired channels. The Internet has now become one of the main reasons why the world is so advanced and developed. Businesses, companies, and industries now depend on the internet. The Internet has remarkable features to get one connected to the world on an individual level, and also support businesses via smart marketing techniques to reach the clients on a collective level.

One thing to keep in mind when considering an internet provider is the quality of customer service it provides because one day you may face an issue with your service and you'll want the people on the other end of the phone to treat you with respect. AT&T customer service is a good example of a provider going to lengths to keep their customers happy.

Before we get on to explain the tricks that one could use to boost the speed of the internet on their phone. Let's point out a few things people do on the phone with the internet:

Internet is a great facility for those interested in games. We have come a long way from hooking up a console to our TV and playing video games with siblings or friends who lived across the street. Now we can compete on a global level without breaking a sweat or our banks.

When we speak of applications, we mean those 3.8 million applications that have been designed for every kind of convenience that can be given to the general public. The types that are there of applications are tremendous – extremely diverse at facilitating every area of every field. If we speak of social media, we can't overlook the applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, or Instagram. All these applications are driven by the internet. One can download these applications on their phones and use the mobile internet. Then comes the turn of other applications like Word Office, Excel, or Scanner that enables a person to do their important work on their phones only if they have these applications installed.

Live TV Streaming
If you're connected with a good internet or cable provider, you will be given the facility of accessing the free applications of specific channels on your phone. It implies that you will be able to watch some of your favorite shows and channels on your phone while you are on your way to your office, or going elsewhere. Who needs a TV? Who has time to watch TV when one has a phone to follow up on their favorite shows?

Global Communication 
The main reason behind keeping a phone was to be able to get connected to the world around you, to be able to contact your loved ones when given the chance—when needed. This is how the phone service came into use. Merchandisers, stakeholders manufacturers, businessmen would contact their clients through phones. Not just that, there were other purposes for which phones became a necessity.

Official Tasks
If one is caught up somewhere urgently and there is a pending task at work that you need to finish and submit, he/she can remotely do the task without having to be at the office or workplace. How? Phone. As we mentioned before, applications like scanners and adobe editors benefit employees quite a good deal by making up for the missed or unfinished tasks. One can keep reports and files saved in their phone to use whenever the boss asks for them. Your smartphone is like a minicomputer that enables you to work outside the walls of your office.

Now coming back to the main discussion, there are a few things that we can do in order to boost the internet speed of our phones.

strong>Keep your Cache clean and clear 
If you are a user of Android phones, you must have felt that your phone slows down and gets stuck in the middle of the movement of any application or sometimes it gets off in the middle of a call. The reason could be that the memory on your smartphone is full and you need to relax your cache memory in order to have a faster mobile experience and resultantly a fast working internet connection.

Clear your Phone from Useless Applications
If there are applications on your phone that you no longer use, or use not too often, you may as well delete them for they are in your phone only consuming data on every update they automatically install. Uninstalling these applications will help to boost the speed of your internet.

Go for the Android Apps 
You will find multiple apps in the App-store that will help in increasing the speeds of your internet. Applications like Internet Booster, Faster Internet, Optimizer, and many more are designed for the same purpose.

If your smartphone is acting strange as it gets off while you are using it, the reason could not be your phone. It could either just be some malware on your phone or the internet connection itself that is disrupting your experience. The easiest way to handle it is: turn off your phone and then switch it on and reconnect to your mobile data. This may help to rebuild the connection to the mobile data, which may get smoother with a kick-start.

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