3 Online Money Making Methods That Don't Work as Advertised

Health, wealth, and romance are the “holy trinity” of blogging for profit – they are the niches considered the most profitable and with the most long-term potential by the blogging community. Of these, online money making and saving are the topics that attract the largest interested audience since – with a few exceptions – everyone could use an extra buck at the end of the month. Unfortunately, the bloggers' rush for an extra click on their affiliate links often leads to the creation of content that is utter bullsh*t. And this is especially true for online money making tips – they are often spoken of as the keys to wealth and happiness when they are far from being that. Below, we'll take a look at a handful of online money making methods that have been proven not to work as advertised.


Many “make money online” tips include playing games of chance at online casinos as a method to making money. Some will go as far as to say that if you play All Slots Mega Moolah for long enough, your chances of becoming a millionaire grow exponentially. Which is not only far from being the truth but it alters the view of the audience regarding the All Slots and the hundreds of other online gaming venues that were not meant to be considered sources of income for anyone.

Games of chance – and we can't emphasize enough on the “games” part – are a form of online entertainment. The games at the All Slots and beyond are fun to play (for those who appreciate them, of course, since not everyone does) – and for the entertainment services offered, the operators expect to make money. They are businesses, after all, not charities, right?

Freelancing gigs

For somebody who has never tried it before, freelancing might seem an easy way to make a living. And freelancing is often listed on various personal finance websites under the “make money online” category. In reality, it's neither easy nor very rewarding – the only upside it has is that freelancers can turn down projects that they couldn't as employees. Otherwise, a freelancer's life consists of tough and often multiple parallel projects, no paid vacation or sick days, a lack of regular pay, a lot of (unpaid) overtime, and the list could go on forever.

Online surveys

Sitting in front of your computer, sipping an iced tea and filling out forms – does this sound too good to be a true and viable money-making method? If it does, you're right – filling out surveys is not the playful and profitable activity some “make money online” websites would like you to think.

First of all, taking a survey is a lengthy procedure – it can often rob you of 20 to 30 minutes (or more) of your life. And it's not very highly paid either. Although the pay range is decent (between 50 cents and 5 bucks on average) you'll encounter far more of the former. Which means that it will take quite some time for you to gather enough funds to be able to cash out.

Legit market research companies will never make you believe that you'll make a living by responding to surveys. Anyone who suggests otherwise is probably a scammer.

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