7 Effective Marketing Tips for NGOs

The modern world of technology has created a busy marketplace cluttered with noise. It's tough making a brand or company stand out in the private sector, with the amount of competition for eyeballs increasing every day. However, it can be even more challenging for NGO's in the social sector. Planning a successful marketing campaign relies on creating captivating content that is consumed by your target niche. Considering that most NGO's are looking for funding for tragedy and misfortune, penetrating the market and gaining traction in your core audience is difficult.

Even though that may sound disheartening, some proved marketing strategies work for NGO's. Here are seven ideas you can implement and execute on in your own NGO.

#1 Watch Growing Trends
Take stock of what your key audience and followers are talking about on their social platforms. What do they think of your content? How does your content stack up regarding engagement (shares, likes, etc.) Analyze what the top influencers in your niche are doing and build your content to maximize its sharing rate.

#2 Develop an Online Presence
Everybody is on social these days, and if you aren't, then you had better get started right away. Each platform has its unique format and keeping your content native to the platform you are posting on is vital. Try to create engaging content that is readily consumed by your target niche. You can use software programs like Buzzsumo analyze the most shared content in your niche.

#3 Use the Shock Factor to Increase Awareness
Using shocking imagery in your marketing content can be effective provided that you use it sparingly to enhance the effect of your message. Keep your shocking content as your ‘Ace-in-the-hole' and don't overdo it because you will run the risk of desensitizing your audience, or losing followers due to the constant posting of graphic content or negative imagery. Remember that your aim as an NGO is to improve society, so make sure that you include some positive imagery in your content strategy as well.

#4 Appeal to and Engage with Your Audience
Engagement is your top priority in any online marketing program. Creating a buzz and then capitalizing on the emotion it creates will help you convert more donations or gain more followers to your cause. Research tips to  plan a monthly giving program and then launch your campaign on your social platforms. Mention your top influencers, press them for engagement, and try to start a conversation with people that join in.

#5 Infographics are Great
The more you can do to turn your content into a visual experience, the better. Infographics make a fantastic tool for visually compelling content. An infographic can get your message across to all your followers on all of your platforms and do it in a matter of seconds with impressive visuals, quick facts, and accurate statistics.

#6 Take a Direct Approach
The problems that NGOs have to deal with can be overly complicated. Make sure that you do not take this into your marketing strategy. Your content needs to be simple to be effective and shareable. A direct approach is the most well-received, a simple image with minimal text can be all it takes to send your post viral.

Social media marketing is all about pushing your mission into the space of your target niche and catching their attention with compelling content that they can share. By creating every piece of content with your mission in mind, you will create a consistent theme that your audience will expect. Timing is as important, so make sure that you are posting at the right times of the day on the right platforms.

#7 Boost Your Online Efforts
Increase the visibility of your website online by using traditional SEO methods and social marketing. Working with a professional SEO company can reduce your learning curve and get you the exposure you need quickly. All it takes is a strategy and consistent execution to see your website rise through the rankings. There are many tools that you can use to assist your online efforts. From helping create a posting schedule to creating viral content and analyzing influencer accounts, there is a tool for everything you need.

Wrapping Up
NGO's have to remain relevant and competitive in an ever-increasing online world. By adding these seven tips to your marketing strategy, you can increase conversion through your website and keep the purpose and mission of your NGO in the public eye.

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