How to Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing

If you're looking for a proven way to earn money online, then perhaps affiliate marketing is for you.  As an affiliate marketer, you don't need to own any products or provide any services. The affiliate will partner up with an existing business and drive traffic to their site. When a customer makes a purchase, you'll receive a payout from the business for bringing in new customers.

Choosing a Product or Service
There is no shortage of services or products online that are always searching for affiliates to help them market their business. It's helpful to choose an industry or two that you are interested in, so that you won't quickly lose interest. Some of the industries that have a good track record for their affiliates are:

Online Dating: With so many online dating sites, such as around, each one geared to a specific niche, your goal as the affiliate marketer is to reach that niche, and create a compelling website that will cause a single guy or girl to click on the link.

Online Casinos: is a great example of an online casino that has thrived thanks to their affiliate marketers. Many affiliates will create dedicated sites to popular online casino games and bring traffic to the site through SEO or PPC tactics. They will also offer exclusive bonuses or benefits to players who register at by clicking on a link on their page.

Online Marketplace: As ecommerce websites such as continue to get bigger, they rely on affiliate marketers to drive traffic to a specific product. They do this with quality content about the product, including reviews and demonstrations and will often offer incentives for people to make the purchase today.

How Affiliate Marketing Works
Once you've chosen your industry or niche, you have to bring people to your website or blog so they can purchase the product or register for the service. The most common ways to drive traffic are through paid ads, such as targeted Google Facebook ads, Quality content that will engage the readers, and Email marketing.

Once they arrive on your website you'll need a catchy headline and a Call to Action that will encourage the click-through to the site. The link is crucial, for the obvious reason that it will bring traffic to the purchasing page of the company, but also because it will contain a tracking code that will allow you get credit for driving the traffic and causing the sale.

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