Instagram's Algorithm: How Does It Work?

Instagram's relevancy sorting results to hundreds of Millions of users having a 90% possibility of seeing their friends posts while enjoying the app. However, the popular photo-sharing and social network service initially kept their mouth shut about exactly how their algorithm works until Facebook finally took off the lid in 2018.

The Ranking Criteria of Instagram's Feed

To create a feed unique for everyone, Instagram utilizes machine learning to show relevant posts according to your previous behavior. All users will get a more personalized feed despite liking and following the same accounts.

Here are three main factors that determine the posts you see in your Instagram feed:

1. Interest
Instagram predicts which posts interest you the most and prioritizes the ones that matter to you. These results will be based on your previous activities on the same content and might also include machine vision reviewing the post's content.

2. Recency
Instagram also works according to the recency of the posts. It ranks timely posts in the top off those that are posted weeks ago.

3. Relationship
People are naturally interested in what's happening to others close or related to them. This is exactly how the Instagram algorithm works. It analyzes other users who, you interacted a lot in the platform which basically means you are close to them. Instagram utilizes how often you comment on a user's posts as well as being tagged on photos to measure relationship.

In addition to the three core factors is another three which are signals that affect the rankings:

To show the best posts based on your last login, Instagram measures the number of times you open the app.

The number of your following determine if you see less post of a specific person in your feed. Following numerous users means a broader selection for Instagram.

You will only see posts during short sessions if you spend less time on the platform. Otherwise, you'll be able to dig deeper.

More Likes More Relevant
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