How to Effectively Market your Online Karaoke Business

Karaoke is a popular event that allows people to sing in front of an audience. It's a good avenue for amateur singers to enjoy a moment with friends and display their vocal prowess! Old school karaoke is usually set up at home with a TV and a karaoke machine. As time pass, the karaoke machines have evolved in terms of size, functionality, and portability.

With the advent of technology these days, many businesses have taken the path to become online; karaoke is one of them. In this article, you are going to check out for more ways and means on how to efficiently sell it.

What is Online Karaoke?
It is an app that you can sing along with that plays music and displays the lyrics, just like an old school karaoke machine. Aside from the common functions of karaoke, this app has special effects that can enhance your visual and audio experience. The music comes from its database, which is composed of a huge collection of music of all types. Since it's online, this app can link one's performance to a social media site if the user wants a “wider” community to watch.

Another interesting feature of this app is its ability to let two or more performers sing together simultaneously in real-time. Online karaoke is downloadable on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. It is initially free, but if you want exclusive access to the app's premium features, you can register as a VIP. There will be a minimal fee charged to your account monthly, and you can also opt-out anytime you want.

Here is the list of the top online karaoke apps worldwide:

  • Smule
  • SingPlay
  • Yokee
  • Starmaker
  • Singa
  • MyVoice
  • MagicSing
  • KaraFun
  • WeSing
  • Voloco

How to Market it?
Marketing online karaoke would be a little different since the app itself is available for download anytime for free. The approach for this kind of business is like introducing a classic and traditional product to a new audience. A good example of that is coffeemakers. Before, coffee is brewed using a pot of water set on a stove, with the ground coffee set on the percolator. A modern coffeemaker has the same elements. The difference is that you could take the coffeemaker anywhere to make that brew. There's also a special feature where you could freshly grind the whole coffee beans for a more special cup!  As for its old counterpart, you could only do the brewing in the kitchen of your house.

So basically, all you need to do is stick to the basics and focus on the special features.

This business competes with night clubs, bars, and comedy clubs. If you intend to put up a full-time karaoke bar, you probably have to charge lesser (at first) to survive the competition. Another alternative is to probably host karaoke nights at your place for two or three times a week. You could also go mobile. Try to test the waters first before taking that plunge.

Get Good and Reliable Equipment
Since the bulk of your business relies on the karaoke apps, you need to get a good and durable laptop. You will also need to get great monitor systems both for audio and video displays. You will also be needing the necessary stuff such as microphones stands, cables, mixers, extension cords, RF modulators, amplifiers, and wireless microphones. Also, get a backup internet provider in case the place you're hosting doesn't have it. It would also be wise to have a backup offline music database.

Multi-channel Marketing Strategies
The karaoke business caters to people of all types, young and old. To reach out to that market, it requires methods that are acceptable for both. That means making use of both online and offline messaging, based on how the target market gets its information.

  • Text Messaging
    This method is acceptable by both young and old target markets. If you have a dedicated karaoke place, or if you host karaoke nights three times a week, you can boost your business by texting people.
  • Vlogging
    Take a video of yourself in your karaoke party and show your audience how much you're enjoying it! Then post it online. It is a very effective method that is trending among young people and could also be appreciated by the not-so-young.
  • Word of Mouth
    This form of marketing is already tried-and-tested to be the most effective because of its impact on any business, either positive or negative.

Even though apps are available for everybody to download and enjoy, It only takes a fresh idea to make use of the opportunity presented to you.  With ingenuity and creativity, you can transform your business into something bigger! A karaoke business can be enjoyable and profitable if you make the right moves.

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