Digital Marketing Strategies and Ideas for Law Firms

There has never been a better time for a law firm to increase its online visibility than today. Internet searches on law firm websites have over the past few years continued to gain traction because a huge percentage of legal consumers are internet users. This means that the internet is your number one source of potential clients. Not so long ago, legal consumers would rely on word of mouth when deciding on which law firm to use. Today, however, legal consumers are savvier and will instead rely on website reviews as their trusted source of information.

In line with the above sentiments, having a law firm website alone will not be enough to improve your law firm's recognition. Prioritizing your marketing strategies will help towards boosting your image, attract high-quality traffic, and will offer you an opportunity to showcase your expertise and services to a wider audience. 

To help you achieve this and more, below are digital marketing strategies and ideas for law firms.

1. Create a Phenomenal Website

In today's fast-paced world, websites have become critical elements in business success and your law firm is no exception. In a nutshell, the website is the holy grail of digital marketing. When creating a website, you'll want to make sure that it reflects on your values, practice, and your aspirations. Susan Schroeder from Susan Clark Law Group says that creating a law firm website with a purpose is the first step towards identifying with your client's needs. Depending on the area of law you specialize in, whether it's family law, business law, or criminal law, you'll want to make sure that the first page of your website carries your message. Other important pages of your law firm website include the About Us page, FAQ page, practice area page, special offers page, clients' testimonials, blog page, and the Contacts page. But this is simply not enough. You'll also need to ensure that your website loads fast, it's aesthetically appealing and that it's customized for mobile use.

2. Utilize SEO Marketing Strategies

SEO or what is commonly referred to as search engine optimization and its elements will play a crucial role in your digital marketing strategies. As an attorney, you need to consider that your practice needs to grow in order to match the current demands of your market. Because come to think about it, your business world is also maturing and evolving at an alarming rate. You also have competitors in your area of practice who have made huge milestones in their areas of work by utilizing modern marketing strategies. Now, as the name suggests, SEO practices revolve around page, website, and content optimization to boost a website's visibility on search engines. Let's take a look at key elements of SEO that will help with your digital marketing strategies. They include:

  • Page optimization – This involves utilizing visual aids such as images, video presentations, texts, and HTML tags to mention but a few.
  • Keywords relevance – Keywords are still very relevant in digital marketing. Utilizing the right keywords will be critical on how your website ranks on Google and ultimately, how you connect with your target audience.
  • High-Quality content – It's through content that users will learn about your law firm and what you do. To make an impact, find ways to create relevant topics and ideas that resonate with the areas of your practice. This means utilizing content that will inform and entertain at the same time.
  • Responsive web design – It's very important to ensure that your website can be accessed from a variety of devices. A huge percentage of your audience will use mobile devices to access your website. You'll, therefore, need to ensure that your website loads fast on all devices.

3. Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing

Social media has over the past few years become a powerful marketing tool for online businesses. As an attorney, this seems like a perfect strategy to meet with your potential clients on a one-on-one basis. This can be achieved through tweets, posts, direct messaging, and comments. And what better way to meet with potential clients than to make them feel at home right through your social media accounts. Ideally, you'll want to ensure that your message remains constant on all the available social media platforms.

4. Email Marketing

Today, a majority of people still use emails. Tapping into email marketing will allow you to engage with users right in their places of work or at home and this is crucial for your growth. In your emails, ensure to remain as professional as you can be when requesting users to subscribe to your newsletters.

Finally, you can always hire a professional digital marketing firm for your marketing campaigns. They have the experience and expertise needed in this area and they'll offer you resourceful ideas that will help in taking your law firm marketing strategies to the next level. With the above tips, you are on your way to gaining more clients that the next problem would be how to deal with all of them.

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