Big Names in the Internet Marketing Industry Who Use Teachable

Whether you're a novice or an established course creator, the first thing you need to check before offering any digital course online is finding the right LMS (learning management systems) platform for you and your students to access your classes easily. While there is a myriad of names to check, only a few are selected, and even less are used by famous and successful course creators when it comes to digital marketing.

One of the names that will ring the bell is Teachable. But who uses Teachable for their courses? Are there popular IM (Internet Marketing) specialists that testify to Teachable efficacy? You can read what users say about it here to help you weigh your options and decide for the best. In the meantime, here are the big names that dominate the Internet marketers who are proud to use Teachable for their digital courses.

What is Teachable? Can You ‘Really' Sell Digital Courses With It?

Teachable is a digital platform that allows building and selling online programs with complete customization. It's effortlessly easy setup makes it a crowd favorite for providing a custom platform for all your digital classes. With an exceptional learning process and superb student experience, you'll easily leverage your courses, gain trust, and build credibility. 

The platform is straightforwardly simple with robust site customization, a user-friendly interface and website builder, and fully optimized settings ideal for mobile and web access. Based on your current budget, you can check various packages to meet your demands. 

With that, no wonder more course creators achieve their target goals at specific time frames. The platform allows you to sell your online courses and start your professional journey right after setting up your profile. 

Aside from Teachable features, knowing that famous internet marketers use this platform increases its reliability. If you're still wondering who uses Teachable, we've compiled some of the names you may be familiar with or may have heard about. 

Popular Course Creators And Names That Use Teachable

Teachable has an updated track record of 186 thousand active digital courses, over 18M students, and 68 thousand counting digital instructors. Included on this long list are: 

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is the popular SPI or Smart Passive Income creator, who generates his income by selling digital courses, books, and affiliate marketing. He's a popular podcaster since 2010 and drives passive revenue by building various niche sites. 

He's also known to generate income via applications and software. The SPI model was created and learned to generate your revenue automatically. His digital courses are accessible and made on Teachable to this date. Email Marketing Magic is his latest and one of the most popular methods online you can check with. 

Mark Dawson

Another big name that uses Teachable is famous author Mark Dawson, The New York Times enterprises. You can listen to Everything is Teachable whenever you're free and understand how this guy turns the table in just three years, achieves this target goal, and keeps growing to this date.

Mark Dawson was first a self-published author that turned into one of the best selling authors that teaches the perfect formula to succeed. 

Joanna Penn

Joanna Penn is the best selling writer, international expert speaker, podcaster, and creative entrepreneur. The key to success is using the perfect platform to offer your services, courses, books, and more. 

With Teachable diverse settings and easy navigation, your digital programs are easily accessed by anyone interested in listening and learning from experience. 

Alec Steele

Alec Steele is a famous influencer, Youtuber, and teaches blacksmith online through his digital courses, all created and sold via Teachable. Since the platform is simple, you can instantly access his online courses anytime and anywhere. 

David Perell

David Perell, a famous writer, podcaster, entrepreneur, and speaker whose works are focused on accelerating your learning skills and growth with the internet, also uses Teachable. He guides people to learn how to write, develop your audience, or attract people of the same ideology and mindset of the same expertise. 


Many course creators use the platform–Teachable to share, build, or sell digital courses to help people leverage skills and be an expert or successful with internet marketing. These are some of the names, but indeed there are more success stories you'll discover as you move forward. 

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