Best Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic through Social Media

Let's suggest that you have a blog. Probably one of your first concerns would be how to get some traffic flowing to your blog. A few years ago you would have needed to use email senders and RSS to reach out for your potential audience. But as the technology trends changed, the previous strategies stepped out of the spotlight. And a new power showed up.Social media is the key to boost it like hell. Let's see what are the most effective ways of doing this business with social platforms.

Becoming Popular

To make users interested in clicking the blog, first attract them to your social media profiles. Being popular on Instagram or Facebook will be equal to the sign of social approval, thus ensuring people that you are not fake and totally worth checking out. But you can say that getting enough likes and followers is too long. For saving time, you can buy 5000 Instagram likes if you want to. This method is a bit controversial, so make sure that you meet your main goal – to attract more users and get their likes, not replace them with purchased ones.

Stick The Link To Your Blog Everywhere

By saying so, we do not mean that you should respond to every comment on YouTube with the link to the blog. That will definitely annoy people. Instead, place it carefully in proper places, like:

  • Instagram profile description
  • Twitter Bio
  • Twitter pinned tweets
  • YouTube video descriptions
  • Facebook “About”
  • SoundCloud channel description, etc.

So basically we recommend reminding your followers gently that your blog is here and waiting for them to see.

Ask People

After you gained some audience, it is time to encourage them to visit your blog. The easiest way to do that is to simply tell them to click the link. Don't be shy to do that, as CTA's are one of the most effective ways to engage users. To ensure that people will open your blog, make sure that you haven't spilled all the key aspects of your post. Otherwise, there's no need to visit your site after all. Put up intriguing texts that will make your followers curious. Also ask them directly to share with their friends, for further expansion.

Revive Your Older Content

To keep traffic alive, you have to pay attention not only to promote new posts, but the older ones as well. Growth on social media is constant, and new followers could have missed your previous posts. So to refresh the leads on your older content, just tell people that it is there. Schedule some posts that make accent on your previous works, and have a nice refreshing leads to your blog. The most impressive ways to pick the interest of new subscribers are:

  • Quotes from your older content
  • Submitting topics to discuss that are relevant to the content
  • Reworking your headlines and pictures

Your Content Has To Be Easy To Share

That is a must if you want to increase your traffic rates. Users should be able not only to read/watch your content, but to share it with their friends. Adding buttons for quick posting on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, or any other useful networks for you.

Making this easier for your viewers you also demonstrate that you care about their comfort. And people will feel pleased about it and more likely to share your posts with their audience.

Post On The Right Time

When speaking about promotion on social media, it is important to know when your potential audience is the most active online. This time can vary for different platforms, and vast research upon your target audience comes to help. To discover this metric you have to define:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Profession
  • Region
  • Occupation
  • Gender

Checking with the list above will make your schedule more accurate and also find the most suitable types of content for your potential audience.

Engagement Is Of The Essence

To boost traffic to your blog, you have to not only attract new audiences on social media, but to keep up with the one you already have. To do that you must make your profile interesting to follow and engage. People like feeling involved so adding a bit of your persona will definitely help. Communication is vital here. Responding to comments, tagging, reposting, games, and contests of various kinds are tools for entertaining your followers, thus making them eager to see more from you. Being active online takes time for sure, but it is a very powerful tool for gathering a community around yourself. And avoid trigger topics like politics, religion, or vaccination. Provocating content can increase your statistics, but in the end result, many people will leave your page.

Play Your Game With Visual Performance

According to the research, people receive a major part of the information by their visual perception. So you need to catch the user's attention with the help of images primarily. To boost the interest to your profile and blog, add these:

  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Animated content
  • GIF-images
  • Photographs

High quality is a must for any type of visual content that you want to post. Also, it would be useful to get some knowledge about composition and color theory.

Don't forget to make your profile aesthetical. Perfect layout can not only attract new followers, but keep the interest of the existing ones.

Note: not only visuals can be addicting. You can also create content that appeals to the basic senses of human – smell, taste, sound. Posts that make people use their imagination will definitely drive some traffic to your work.

Mix It Up

Remember that being too persuasive in promotion can end badly for you. People will simply become annoyed by your repetitive posts about how good your blog is. So do not make each your own post on social media work for getting more traffic. These platforms are made for fun in the first place. So try to relax and just use social networks for their main purpose – communication and entertainment. Take a break and get to know your followers. By making occasional posts about random things can also improve the loyalty of the audience.

See What Are Your Competitors Up To

This method is good to use when you need to check whether you are moving in the right way. Competitive analysis can show you your weak spots and inspire you with new ideas for boosting traffic to the blog. Searching through other bloggers in your industry can also add yourself some new followers. For that, you may comment on their posts, tag them, etc. But remember that you still have to be polite and friendly.

Make Your Content Go Viral

Viral content is the one that shares the fastest way. So it is a fine tool for driving interest to your profile and promoting your blog as well. Basically anything can become viral, when it meets a few conditions:

  • It is unique and fresh
  • It triggers a user to share with friends
  • A bit of controversial fine too
  • The content is entertaining and/or useful

Making your content viral is not the easiest task. But the result can be astonishing, so it is something you should totally check out. Another thing that helps to drive attention to your blog is making hilarious memes. Everybody loves humorous pics. So why not make your own? You can use existing trends or come up with something completely new. Either way, having good fun with your followers helps you to make a strong and loyal community that will be increasing your traffic rates wildly.


The key to success on social media is patience. And a built-up strategy. But whatever combination you may take, your main goal is to stay yourself and be sincere with your followers.

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