7 Ways to Get Twitter Likes

Social media has become an integral part of marketing campaigns. In this regard, Twitter is one of the most used yet popular social media platform with over 321 million active users per month.

Are you struggling to grow your Twitter account? Do you have a huge fan following but aren't getting enough Twitter likes? If so, you've come to the right place. We've brought you 7 effective ways to get more Twitter likes – resulting in higher audience engagement.

7 Effective Ways to Get Twitter Likes

To have a good grip on your Twitter fan following, it is recommended to have a clearer idea of how Twitter metrics work. Keep following to learn how you can increase your Twitter likes and retweets for the better good.

1. Public Account

If your Twitter account is private, you're already leaving the majority of the audience on the table. It is recommended to keep your account public so that maximum number of people can access it. A public account is a foundation to free likes and retweets from people who haven't followed you.

To make your account public, your account, click “More” and then select “Settings & Privacy”. Now Click “Privacy & Safety” and uncheck the “Protect Your Tweets” button. Congrats! Your account is public now.

2. Buy Twitter Likes

If you want a quick solution. The best resolution is to buy Twitter likes from SocialBoss.org. SocialBoss is an authentic social media marketing service provider that help business marketers avail real likes, followers, shares, retweets, and more.

SMMRank is an non-commercial social media marketing platform that ranks quality social media tools and plugins to assist in your social media campaigns. Guess what? SocialBoss is listed as one of the best social media provider at SMMRank.

3. Tweet Consistently

To increase user engagement, you must tweet on a daily basis. Make a schedule and keep posting useful content for your targeted audience. Tweeting once in a while will leave you nowhere and you'll eventually start losing followers.

4. Tweet During Peak Hours

Did you know that every social media platform has some peak hours when the maximum number of people engage with the posts? Same is the case with Twitter. Make sure to create a posting schedule per the Twitter peak hours to get maximum likes within a short time.

5. Respond to Your Audience

Replying more to your targeted audience will keep them engaged with your content. Conduct Q&A sessions, contests, and lucky draws to keep them within your circle. In fact, replying to the audience is also a sign of appreciation. A few words of appreciation from you can make their day.

6. Use Trending Hashtags

Find trending hashtags in your niche to engage likes from people who are actually not your followers. Make sure not to use irrelevant hashtags as it will just backfire your quest to getting more Twitter likes. Using hashtags might make your posts appear higher in the search.

7. Share Useful Content

Last but not least, sharing generic content that would bore you as a reader is just absurd. Find out what your competitors lack and post content your reader would love to Like, Comment, Retweet, and Share. Keep yourself updated with the latest trends and news in your niche to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

In a nutshell, keep following the above-mentioned tips and you'll eventually make it to the top trending Twitter posts in your niche – getting a lot of likes.

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