How to Encourage Your Children to Learn About Big Data and Modern Technologies?

The world we live in is changing at an astonishing speed. We've grown up during a period quite different from the one our kids will remember as their childhood years.

Witnessing the huge technological advancement that happened in our lives alone, parents begin to wonder if it would be a good idea to support their children to learn more about it. As this would help them understand the time we live in and prepare them for their potential future jobs, this is certainly a good thought.

If you want your children to follow your lead and start learning about big data and modern technologies, consider these tips to achieve your goal.

Appeal to your kids' natural curiosity

As children, we begin to learn from the day we're born. Although it comes naturally, it's hard at first, only to become quite fun in the years leading up to the time when we start going to school. Unfortunately, around this time, learning usually stops being fun, and that's what stomps on your children's desire to learn more.

You might be worried about how to interest your kids in technology if they don't like math games, numbers, and statistics. The key is not to force it and make learning an obligation. Teaching your kids new things should always be a stress-free, fun activity.

Find inspiration in current events and trends

When 5-year-old Sean, best essay services reviews writer Lea Johnson's son, heard that artificial intelligence was able to learn how the popular Super Mario Bros. game works by “watching” people play it, it was a mind-blowing experience for him.

Lea only showed Sean the article because she thought it would be fun for him to see the takes from the game. Little did she know that this moment was to push her son into asking more and more questions about this every day.

Is there a lesson to be learned? Whenever you come across some technology news story your kids might like, make sure to share it with them.

Provide children with resources they need

Not every parent who wants their kid to learn about technology is necessarily a software engineer or data scientist. Even if you can't teach your child everything yourself, it should be no obstacle to helping them learn everything they are interested in.

Providing your kids with plenty of resources concerning technology will help them stay up to date. Explore websites such as Tech Age Kids and Science Kids and play mind-developing STEM games.

Teach kids how to browse the Internet

Yes, we know kids are naturally quick when it comes to learning how to use all modern-day gadgets and devices, from mobile phones and tablets to computers. If your kids are over the age of 4, they are probably quite skilled at it already. However, do they know how to browse the Internet functionally?

Teach them that browsing can be a fun activity, but also an amazing opportunity to learn everything your heart desires. Help them locate programs, websites, games, and resources they can learn about technology from. Once they have this healthy habit, they'll keep learning whether you're around or not.

Don't bite more than you can chew

All children are different, so they will learn at their own pace. Some of them will get hooked on technology pretty quickly, while others will need more time to deal with this complex concept. After all, not all children are interested in the same things, nor they will grow up to do the same work.

Don't rush them to learn more than they can in one sitting. Stay relaxed and let them enjoy the process.

Lead by example contributors emphasize that becoming an active participant in the process is extremely important when it comes to learning with your children.

Don't just give your kids assignments, pile up the resources you want them to use, and expect them to do all the work. Talk to them and teach through play, and they will be a lot more likely to absorb knowledge and associate the learning process with positive emotions.


Technological advancement was on the rise ever since the first men created tools to hunt and build, but never before was it so prominent, quick, and powerful as it has been in the last few decades. Our children seem to be more used to it than us, especially if they belong to the generations known as Gen Z and the newly-emerging Generation Alpha.

Supporting your children to stay up to date with technology news and trends will be a great way to prepare them for whatever technological boom is lurking from around the corner. And who knows, maybe some of them will want to become the next great innovators, capable of transforming the world as we know it?

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