How Much UX is Too Much

The past decade has been a huge time for UX, but for a few years no many people have speculated that it's on it's way out. UX used to be a lucrative field. Demands for UX designers were high and all businesses were making the effort to switch over to it. Whether or not UX is on it's way out is still debated. Many people think it's the right way to go and that no changes need to be made. However, there are some signs that show it might need to change to continue to be effective.

One reason that UX is in decline, is because everything is already using it. It's become such a standard that everyone does it now and it's just expected.  UX has also caused an issue where if users experience a difficulty, they assume there's an issue on the other end, which can cause people to get frustrated easily.

What used to be something that many felt was difficult to understand is now a simple concept understood by many. Essentially, we've perfected it and now there's no improvements that can be made. It's difficult to stand out with UX alone anymore. There's no way for anyone to get ahead and compete when everyone is equally good at UX. You also aren't able to be just good at it, UX designers all need to be extremely skilled. 

People no longer need to hire someone who specializes in UX because they're able to make all the proper adjustments themselves. Even if you have no experience with UX, you can find helpful guides to do it yourself and create great websites with website builders and free website hosting.

UX designers who are graduating and entering the workforce are also making an impact in the field. Many graduates are now entering the workforce with as much understanding of UX as those who have been working in the industry for years. 

Too many choices

With the overwhelming amount of information available on the internet, it gets difficult for anyone to be able to make simple decisions. When we do make a decision, we often wonder about what else we could have experienced instead. This is a common issue for most users. Having too many choices can even prevent users from being able to make a decision. People want a more direct recommendation of what they should choose, rather than having too many options.  AI can help users have a more unique experience to give them better choices tailored to them.  

UX doesn't focus enough on business

Another common problem people have found with UX design is that many designers don't have a good understanding of what businesses need. UX has been based entirely on what the user wants. Business professional and UX designers will have to learn to work together for both parties to be successful. Business goals can suffer when their needs aren't taken into consideration. Many have started to think that US designers could make more effective designs if they take what would be most useful from a business standpoint into consideration, rather than only thinking of what the user needs. 

What happens next?

Like with anything, UX will continue to adapt if it wants to stay. Although to many it might seem like it's already reached its peak, there are still some changes that can be made. UX can continue to be the standard design, but it could face some adjustments in the future. It will still be UX, but not in the way that we know it. Many UX designers have probably seen this happening recently. Designers who have been working in the field for a while will already be familiar with having to learn to adapt. 

AI is also likely to take on some of the roles in UX. With AI, automatically generated interfaces are a strong possibility going into the future. This will also take some of the more mundane and repetitive tasks away from UX designers. AI will make it easier to create better interactions for people by collecting more data than we have been able to in the past. Users will be able to experience more personalized interfaces because of AI.  

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